This has been quite an enjoyable, if far too short, 5-day exploration for us in evaluating our new GTX 1080 since Tuesday night of this last week.  It did incredibly well performance-wise comparing it to GTX 980 SLI where it generally brings higher performance. And it is a blowout in favor of the new GTX 1080 where other top single GPU cards are tested.  It totally blows away its competitor, the Fury X, the TITAN X, and even the GTX 980Ti!

We are totally impressed with this high-performance single 8-pin PCIe cabled Pascal flagship chip that has such good overclockability and a good price considering its ultra performance at 4K.  Priced beginning at $599, and $699 as tested, it slots well above the $650 GTX 980 Ti and $1,000 TITAN X, and far, far above the Fury X or the GTX 980, and it offers more advantages and new features for its price.   The reference/Founder’s Edition GTX 1080 is not intended as a budget card as it is premium in every sense of the word at $699.

Although the GTX 1080 is not a budget card, it has been priced between $599 to $699 to slot in the GTX 980 Ti price range even though it is far more powerful.  We see good overclockability with quietness at stock voltage and fan profile from the reference/Founder’s design GTX 1080.


  • TDP and power draw is superb at 180W for such a high-performance GPU.
  • Overclockability is very good so far  – GPU Boost 3.0 works with the Precision X overclock utility even though it is in beta.
  • The reference design cooling is quiet and efficient; the card and well-ventilated case stay cool even well-overclocked on a hot Summer-like day.
  • It is possible to use two or more of these cards for extreme SLI performance.
  • 3D Vision 2 and PhysX enhance gaming immersion and Nvidia has made PhysX available free of charge to devs.  And VR becomes very possible with the GTX 1080.
  • GameWorks brings new features to gaming and to VR.
  • New Fast Sync allows for high performance decoupling from the monitor, without tearing at very high frame rates.
  • The GTX 1080 is the fastest single-GPU video card – period!  We cannot call price a ‘con’ as it has launched near GTX 980 Ti pricing and far below TITAN X pricing.
  • The backplate is a nice touch and the updated industrial design is eyecatching.


  • None.


Badge---Editor's-choice -final rev. The Verdict:

  • If you are buying the ultimate flagship video card right now and looking for the highest performance, the GTX 1080 is the only choice.  It is a high performance status card to run in the fastest systems, although it is not a value card.
  • We would like to award the GTX 1080 the BabelTechReviews Editor’s Choice Award.  It is uniquely powerful and priced similarly to the GTX 980 Ti.

We do not know what the future will bring, but the GTX 1080 brings a superb top-performer to the GeForce family.  With great forward looking features, you can be assured of immersive gaming by picking this card for 2560×1440, 4K, or even higher multi-display resolutions including for Surround, and especially for VR.  It is absolute overkill for 1080P.

If you currently game on any other video card, you will do yourself a favor by upgrading. The move to a GTX 1080 will give you better visuals on the DX11 and DX12 pathways and you are no doubt thinking of SLI if you want to get the ultimate gaming performance.

AMD offers their own set of features including Eyefinity and GCN 2.0. However, Fiji is less power-efficient architecture and AMD has no answer to the GTX 1080 with Fury X.

We hope that AMD will be able to bring out a new and powerful flagship video card as they are losing market share and margins as they drop the pricing on their entire lineup just to compete on price versus performance against Nvidia.  However, we just don’t see this happening until next year as they are evidently concentrating on the Polaris mid-range first.

Stay tuned, there is a lot coming from us at BTR.  Next, we will test GTX 1080 overclocking. And don’t forget to check out BTR’s tech community!  You can feel free to comment there or in the comments section on the main site.