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We are experienced computer enthusiasts & professionals dedicated to bringing our readers the best possible tech reviews.

Meet BTR’s Staff:

Mario Vasquez – Founder. Web Master, Editor-in-Chief: Mario@babeltechreviews.com

Andy Marken – Regular Contributor: andy@markencom.com

Andy is an author of more than 600 articles on management, marketing, communications and industry trends in media & entertainment as well as consumer electronics, software and applications. An internationally recognized marketing/communications consultant with a broad range of technical and industry expertise in storage, storage management and film/video production fields; he has an extended range of relationships with business, industry trade press, online media and industry analysts/consultants.

Rodrigo González – Benchmarking Specialist, Lead Reviewer, and Editor: rodronat@gmail.com

Rodrigo González (aka “RodroG”) is an enthusiast gamer interested especially in shooter games, open world role playing games and software and hardware benchmarking. He is the author of the NVIDIA WHQL Driver Performance Benchmarks Series and founder and moderator of the r/allbenchmarks community on Reddit.

Contacts, News Submissions & Review Requests

We welcome news submissions from our readers and from vendors. Regular news and press releases may be sent to Mario@babeltechreviews.com

Companies seeking information or interested in having their tech-related products reviewed should contact Mario at Mario@babeltechreviews.com. 

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