Overclocking, and noise

The GTX 1080 is a very quiet card even when overclocked.  We did not get to spend more than a few minutes with the new Precision X and did not use its automatic overclocking scanner but instead settled on a core offset of +190MHz and +150MHz added to the memory clocks.

We saw our boost clocks now as high as 2012MHz and our memory clocks hit 5150MHz.  Temperatures did not exceed 86C and the fan barely ramped up, staying about as quiet as the TITAN X or our GTX 980 Ti which are quite reasonable.precisionxoc--scan

The Witcher 3 gained 2 fps by our overclock, from 40.1 to 42.1 fps average at 4K; Batman Arkham Knight gained 4fps at 4K – from 55 to 59 fps average, and Fallout 4 gained from 35.7 fps to 40 fps at our highest tested resolution.  Also at 4K, Far Cry Primal gained 2 fps from 41 to 43 fps, while Rise of the Tomb Raider DX12 gained the least, from 43.6 to 45.3 fps, also at 4K.  So scaling is decent with a modest overclock.  We will test this further in a future article devoted to overclocking the GTX 1080.

Let’s check out performance after we look at our test configuration on the next page.