Unboxing the EVGA GTX 1060 SC

Unboxing the EVGA GTX 1060 SC

The EVGA GTX 1060 SC comes in a small box that advertises EVGA is Nvidia’s No. 1 seller in the USA.  The box features the Superclocked GTX 1060’s 6GB GDDR5, and that it is ready for VRWorks/GameWorks/G-SYNC/DX12.box-1The sides and back of the box in several languages advertising its key features, as well as emphasizes the EVGA warranty and PrecisionX OC.box-obv

The side panels show the system requirements and the ACX 2.0 cooling:sys-require-side-panelacx-2,0-side-panel














Here is everything out of the box.OOBThe card is packed securely and EVGA no longers uses a anti-static plastic clamshell which we always considered wasteful.  Instead it comes in a anti-static bag.  It comes with one large sticker,  a “Powered by EVGA” metal decal for your PC (not shown), a user and an installation guide, and a very large “Arm Yourself with EVGA” poster (not shown).  SC-1The EVGA GTX 1060 SC is a handsome short single-fan card that covers a large radiator.  The large fan spins relatively slowly compared with the reference Founders Edition version’s blower.  Of course, this makes perfect sense because a slower turning ACX 2.0 fan will remove the GPU heat better and more quietly, compared with a double speed single blower-style fan in the reference version.DSCN1679

We turn the card on its edge and look at the slim design cooling fins which allow the card to fit into a PC motherboard’s double slot configuration.  Besides the power from the PCIe slot, there is one 6-pin connector.DSCN1667

Here is a look from the other edge.  The heatsink area is quite large for a very small card.DSCN1676

As you can see the EVGA GTX 1060 SC card is much shorter than the Founders Edition card.DSCN1691Turning them over, neither has a backplate.DSCN1693

Another view.DSCN1668Here is the connector panel.DSCN1670There are one dual link DVI port, 3 Display Ports and a HDMI 2.0 port. The EVGA GTX 1060 SC comes with covers for the connectors.

it is a handsome small card and the specifications look very good for the EVGA GTX 1060 SC, with some solid improvement over the Founders Edition by virtue of it being factory overclocked. Let’s check out its performance versus the Founders Edition and versus the RX 480 after we look over our test configuration on the next page.



  1. Wow… This is supposed to be a professional review? Half of it reads like an advertisement for EVGA and Nvidia and the other reads like fanboy fluff. You show Doom 2016 in OpenGL, rather than Vulkan, which favors Nvidia HW due to their OpenGL optimization. You point out RoTR (which favors Nvidia HW as it was built from the ground up with it’s HW in mind and DX12 was added as afterthought) as proof that the 1060 is “superior in pathways of …DX12”, but completely fail to acknowledge the stock reference RX 480 beating the OC GTX 1060 in the other three DX12 games. Then if you’re going to compare, compare the FE to the reference and a factory OCed RC 480 to the SC GTX 1060 to at least make it seem objective and fair. SMH..m

    • Review is spot on. The cards are nice and deserve the superlatives they get. I am new to this site, but already like their comparison charts at the end – quite comprehensive.

  2. From the picture we can see the EVGA uses the reference PCB with a smaller and more effective cooler. I like it.

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