Conclusion and Verdict

We have seen that that running DDR4 at a faster clock speed produces performance gains and saves time with some tasks.  In addition, some modern games can also benefit from faster system memory together with a fast CPU and a fast video card.  We also note the importance of 64GB of system RAM for workstation and professional applications.  However, there is no way that we can recommend 64GB of system RAM to a gamer.

If a gamer feels a need for more than 16GB as a multitasker while gaming, than 32GB may be a reasonable option and the T-FORCE Vulcan Z 3000MHz is a good choice at $116.99.  To spent $236.99 for an “extra” 32GB memory on a 64GB kit as “futureproofing” is not reasonable in our opinion as we expect to see DDR5 relatively soon.

Is DDR at 3000MHz good enough for a gamer?  Yes, although it might be helpful for gamers to overclock it depending on which games they play.  If a gamer is buying a new CPU and motherboard now, faster RAM can make a performance improvement in gaming.  The gaming performance improvement from faster DDR4 isn’t dramatic, from zero performance improvement to perhaps adding a few framerates in some memory-sensitive games

Faster RAM benefits are mostly shown by memory intensive benchmarks and they will mostly translate to better productivity outside of gaming.  If you are a gamer, buy faster memory and pick 2x8GB for gaming or 2x16GB if you multitask while gaming instead of wasting money on futureproofing with 64GB.



  • The T-FORCE VULCAN Z 2x32GB DDR4 kit is a capacity used for professional application that is built for reliability and even for good overclocking, and it may also be used without penalty in a gaming PC.
  • Our sample is fast, stable, and  it overclocks multiple speed grades beyond its rated 3000MHz grade to 3333MHz at 1.4V.
  • Once overclocked, it is as fast as the HyperX DDR4 3333MHz and faster than the Night Hawk DDR4 3200MHz memory
  • It is conservative-looking with no frills, no external heatsinks, and no RGB which allows it to easily fit in most motherboards.
  • Voltage tolerances from 1.2V to 1.4V and even higher allow for overclocking.
  • It is competitively priced and it comes with a lifetime Team Group warranty.


  • 64GB of system RAM is expensive overkill for a gaming PC.  Pick the 32GB or 16GB Vulcan Z kit instead.

The Verdict

If you are a gamer with good quality components who wants high performance from your PC *and* you need to work with RAM-intensive applications, then the Team Group T-FORCE Vulcan Z DDR4 3000MHz 2x32GB kit is an excellent choice as it is reasonably fast at stock speeds coupled with an overclocked CPU, plus it overclocks very well and is very reasonably priced at $236.99 at Newegg for 64GB.

The Vulcan Z 2x32GB DDR4 3000MHz kit is priced lower compared with other DDR4 in its speed and capacity class, and it is backed by Team Group who gives a lifetime warranty.   It is a decent performer at its default XMP profile and it overclocks extremely well.

We feel that the T-FORCE Vulcan Z 2x32GB DDR4 3000MHz Kit deserves BTR’s Editor’s Choice Award as a relatively inexpensive 64GB high-capacity kit that is also suitable for gaming.  It’s ideal for a relatively small subset of gamers who also run memory intensive professional and workstation type applications.

To answer our question, what can a gamer do with 64GB of system RAM?  Not much other than playing with RAM drives.  64GB is simply overkill for gaming-only PCs – Pick the 32GB or 16GB Vulcan Z kit instead.  Updated 29th May 2020 12:30 PM PDT:  There is perhaps one notable exception: Gamers who play modded games using ultra high textures and aiming for photorealism may need more than 32GB of RAM.

Stay tuned.  We are working on an AMID EVIL review as a continuation of BTR’s Indie RTX series.

Happy Gaming!