The Conclusion

The Red Devil RX 570 improves slightly over the Red Devil RX 470, but it is just enough to win nearly two-thirds of the benches to the GTX 1060 3GB card’s just over one-third when all video cards are at stock speeds.  The Red Devil RX 470 would be a very good deal at $189.99 with a 30 dollar mail-in-rebate if it can be found in stock.  And although the EVGA GTX 1060 3GB is slower than the Red Devil RX 570 overall at stock settings, it is also only $169.99 with a popular game bundle.  It will be interesting to see if anything changes when we max out our overclocks on each card.

Let’s sum it up:

PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 Pros

  • The PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 is slightly faster than the Red Devil RX 470 by virtue of a nearly 4% higher core clock and it has better cooling.
  • At $189 the Red Devil RX 570 is only $30 more than the Red Devil RX 470 if you count the mail-in-rebate, and it wins nearly two-thirds of the benches against the game-bundled $20 dollar cheaper EVGA GTX 1060 SC 3GB card.
  • The Red Devil RX 470 has a very nice 3-fan custom cooling design that is very quiet.
  • Dual-BIOS give the user a choice of quiet and less overclocking, or louder with higher overclocks.
  • FreeSync eliminates tearing and stuttering.
  • RX 470 has 4GB of vRAM compared with 3GB vRAM used in the less expensive but price-competitive GTX 1060.

PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 Cons

  • The only real difference between the Red Devil RX 470 and the Red Devil RX 570 is less than a 4% bump in clockspeeds making it a rebrand.

We cannot comment on PowerColor’s ultimate overclock as we did not test it yet.  The Red Devil RX 570 may be a very good deal for those who game at 1080P, and it may be a very good alternative to the GTX 1060 3GB for those who prefer AMD cards and FreeSync enabled displays.

The Verdict:

  • PowerColor’s Red Devil RX 570 is solidly built and it has higher clocks out of the box than the Red Devil RX 470 and may be a better overclocker by virtue of its better cooling.  It represents a solid value at $189 in our opinion and it deserves BTR’s Editor’s Choice Award as a brand new replacement for the now discontinued RX 470.

We do not know what the future will bring, but right now, the PowerColor Red Devil RX 570 brings some small performance improvements over the Red Devil RX 470, and it also beats the competing game-bundled GTX 1060 3GB card that is priced in a lower but similar price range.

NVIDIA has already responded with price cuts on competing cards and they offer a popular game bundle with the GTX 1060 3GB.

Stay tuned, there is a lot coming from us at BTR. Next up, we will continue with our Red Devil RX 570 versus GTX 1060 3GB overclocking showdown.  And we will also post our review of the SmartDesk this week which is called the best standing desk in the world.  And don’t forget to check BTR’s Kingston/HyperX sponsored contest held at BTR forums.  Our tech discussions are among the best to be found anywhere!

Happy Gaming!