Overclocking the Red Devil RX 570

We didn’t spend a lot of time overclocking the Red Devil RX 570.  We used the quiet BIOS for this evaluation, but we will follow up in our next review by overclocking as far as we can go in an overclocking showdown with the GTX 1060 3GB.

Here is the screenshot of the results of looping Heaven 3.0 continuously at reference clocks.

As you can see, the clocks are locked to 1320MHz and the temperature is 73C with the fan running at 50%.  Without adding any voltage using the quiet BIOS, we could only manage 1350MHz.

Next we added .48mV and overclocked further to 1370MHz.

The fan rpm only went up a little to 58% and the card is quiet indeed.  Unfortunately, a +50MHz offset to 1370MHz was all we could achieve using the quiet BIOS.

Let’s head to the performance charts to see how the PowerColor RX 570 at reference Red Devil RX 570 speeds compares with its two other competing cards of Spring, 2017.