A Closer Look at the Red Devil RX 570

A Closer Look at the PowerColor Red Devil RX 570

The Red Devil RX 570 advertises itself as a card ready for Premium VR and gaming.  Also, Vulkan and DX12 support, Chill, ReLive Capture and FreeSync 2 are advertised on the front of the box.

The back of the box gives the power and system requirements which include the need for a minimum 450W power supply unit (PSU).  AMD’s technology features are highlighted and the box also emphasizes the dual-blade fan technology which goes completely silent when the GPU temperatures drop below 60C.  Overclocking is featured with a dual-BIOS – one for maximum overclocks, and the other for a quieter operation.

Opening the box, we see a quick installation guide, a driver CD and an invitation to join PowerColor’s Devil’s Club.

The Red Devil RX 570 is a large 3-fan card which is quite handsome in PowerColor’s signature black and red.

Unlike the RX 470, the PowerColor Red Devil RX 570’s sturdy backplate no longer features a hexagram inside a circle, the Seal of Solomon, although the box still does.Here is a look at the Red Devil RX 570 from the edge showing its massive heatsink and 8-pin PCIe power connector.  This time, the words, Red Devil are right side up when installed in a PC, unlike with the Red Devil RX 470.

The Red Devil’s RX 570 connectors include 3 DisplayPorts and 1 HDMI connection and a Dual-Link DVI connector.Here is a look at the Red Devil RX 570 from the other edge and we can see that the heatsink is very large.

Here is another view with it installed in our PC.The specifications and the Red Devil RX 570 look good. Let’s check out its performance after we look over our test configuration on the next page.