The Kingston A1000 480 GB NVMe SSD comes in a very basic blister pack which doesn’t include a mounting screw (it comes with the motherboard) nor does it advertise its features.

Here is everything included with the pack: the NVMe SSD, a warranty /installation instructions flyer, and a coupon to digitally download Acronis cloning software.  Perhaps they ought to include a NVMe-powered-by-Kingston badge also.

The A1000 is tiny as are all M2 NVMe drives.

Here is the other side.

Here is a regular SATA III SSD to compare with the diminutive size of the A1000.  It installs easily – just slip it in and lock it down with one screw.  But use a magnetic screwdriver!  The screw is also tiny.

After installing, the user may have to go into his motherboard’s BIOS “Onboard Device Configuration” to enable it as we did with the EVGA Z370 FTW motherboard.  With the FTW’s layout, enabling a NVMe SSD disables it’s corresponding SATA channel, so you may have to physically move SATA cables to get your other SSDs to be recognized, depending on your motherboard.

Lets look at our test configuration next.