Final Thoughts

This has been an enjoyable exploration comparing the new Ada Lovelace RTX 4080 and 4090 FEs with the RTX 3080 and 3080 Ti FEs and Gigabyte RTX 6900 XT Gaming OC.  The RTX 4080 performed solidly performance-wise below the RTX 4090 and well above the other cards.  The RTX 4090 at $1599 is the upgrade from the $1199 RTX 3080 Ti since the RTX 4090 gives at least a 170% (1.7X) improvement over its baseline performance.  If a gaming enthusiast wants the very fastest card then the RTX 4090 is the only choice for intensive gaming and high resolution VR headsets.

The situation is not as clear with the RTX 4080 FE.  It is a very fast card and the second fastest in the world although it rather trails the 4090 performance and leaves a lot of room for a future 4080 Ti. It’s expensively overbuilt compared to the RTX 4090 FE as it simply doesn’t require such a massive chassis.  It’s performance at $1200 compared to the $699 RTX 3080 does not justify its price nearly as well as the $1599 RTX 4090 which dominates over the formerly $1200 RTX 3080 Ti.  We think Jon Peddie’s total framerate comparison aggregated averages of our 43 games give a good picture of overall performance to value.

We cannot call the RTX 4080 a good value for gamers as it is a halo card that underperforms at $1200 compared with the $1599 RTX 4090.  We think Nvidia was over optimistic in pricing the RTX 4080 as high as they did.  Of course, it’s easier to lower prices than to raise them after launch, and we may see bundles and price softening after AMD’s new 7900 Radeons release depending on how they perform.

We think that DLSS 3 brings a great future value to the new 4000 series as it has already received support from many of the world’s leading game developers, with more than 35 games and applications announcing support including game engines, including Unity, Unreal, and Frostbite Engine.  If a game already uses DLSS 2 Super Resolution, upgrading to DLSS 3 is a relatively simple process that will make both Super Resolution and Frame Generation available.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more on the way from BTR coming this week including another mega-card review featuring VR.

Happy Gaming!