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When it comes to cooling your overclocked hot Intel or AMD CPU efficiently and quietly, EVGA is now a great company to turn to and we are quite impressed with their first 280mm CPU liquid cooler. We see the EVGA CLC 280mm cooler easily surpasses the cooling ability of our Seidon 240mm cooler and its fans can be set to be much quieter.

If you have a Core i7 or FX CPU that you really want to push to its maximum overclock, the EVGA CLC 280 is a great choice if your case has the room.  The EVGA CLC 280 is also very quiet unless the fans are set for ‘performance’ mode which we found unnecessary at 4.6GHz or even at 4.7GHz.  

The EVGA 280 CLC


  • The EVGA CLC 280 is a great watercooling solution for overclocking almost any modern Intel or AMD CPU to its limits and it surpasses the Cooler Master Seidon 240M.
  • The EVGA CLC 280 is a complete self-contained compact liquid system that never needs refilling
  • Everything is included for installation.
  • EVGA’s 24/7 phone tech support is awesome.
  • Parts are well marked and the instructions are clear and well written and the installation video is great for watercooling novice builders.
  • The PWM fans are quiet and they can be managed in the BIOS as well as further fine-tuned in the software.
  • The just released CPU Waterblock SW gives the ability to set fan speeds and also control the RGB lighting.
  • Warranty is five years.


  • Size.  The EVGA CLC 280 radiator is large and it will not easily fit inside smaller cases other than in a large full tower.  Measure your case first.


The Verdict

EVGA’s 280 CLC is an excellent no-compromise all-in-one quiet cooler for a reasonable price considering its build, ease of installation, and all-inclusive package. It is well-deserving of our “Editor’s Choice” award and it easily cools our own overclocked hot-running Skylake i7-6700K to 4.7GHz. Highly recommended!


Our next evaluation will feature 2TB Seagate 7200 rpm FireCuda SSHD performance versus a 2TB Toshiba 7200 rpm HDD.  There is a lot coming from us at BTR. Make sure to join us on our community forum for great discussions and you can even help us direct future evaluations.


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  1. You all must be doing something wrong as I’ve been running a 6700K at 4.7/4.8ghz for months using a Corsair H115i and I can run OCCT for days and never break 80C … not that I think the Corsair is so great .. it’s just about on par with every other AIO cooler I’ve read about but load temps in the 90’s???? Maybe your testing in 30C ambients? 😉 … but those are ridiculously high temps for a 6700K at 4.7ghz …

  2. How this compare my x61 from NZXT and what’s better Corsair I will say I do not like NZXT software can have had major issues and had replace one my units

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