‘Deliver Us the Moon’ Update Adds Real-Time Ray Tracing & DLSS

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Deliver Us The Moon is an indie Sci-Fi game that has got mostly positive reviews and is on sale for $19.99 through January 2 on Steam. It just got a major update from a partnership between NVIDIA and Keoken Interactive to add real time ray traced lighting reflects and shadows together with DLSS to boost frame rates.

Deliver Us The Moon is set in an near-future where the Earth’s resources have been depleted. For humanity’s survival the World Space Agency is tasked with solving this extreme energy crisis by colonization and exploitation of the moon’s natural reserves of Helium-3. But communications with the Moon base cease, and the new energy source is lost. A new mission to re-establish the energy supply creates the scenario to Deliver Us The Moon where you become the hero in this puzzle-adventure game

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Deliver Us The Moon is a great showcase for ray-traced reflections and shadows. Using the Unreal 4 engine, the RTX lighting engine casts realistic reflections on all surfaces capable of reflecting light, increasing image quality and furthering immersion. Ray-traced reflections are based on the exact geometric detail and dynamic lighting of a scene that can’t be done in real time through traditional methods. Check out NVIDIA’s blog for the details.