The VertDesk v3 Summary & Conclusion


We love our VertDesk v3!  It does everything that we could have possibly expected from an electronic adjustable sitting-standing desk, and we find that we are sitting less while significantly increasing our level of productivity while working at our workstation.  It makes it far easier to build a PC when one can adjust the height of the work surface instead of stooping over. 

If you have to stand up for health reasons while you are working and the desk doesn’t rise with you, it my take quite awhile to get your train of thought refocused.  With the VertDesk v3 you can continue your same train of thought and simply stand up while continuing to work as the desk automatically rises to your standing position effortlessly, quickly, and quietly.  Both of our standing desks are outstanding values at each of their price points, and each one offers compelling arguments.  The VertDesk v3 offers better electronics, a much longer frame warranty, and more stability.

Let’s sum it up:

The VertDesk v3 Pros

  • The VertDesk v3 has many options available starting at around $520.  It is made in Wisconsin, U.S.A. using high quality electronics from Europe and a well-made frame fabricated in Taiwan.
  • The motor is very quiet and fast and there are 4 height options that you can pre-program for your best standing or sitting heights.
  • The desk is very sturdy, and it does not wobble.  
  • It is easy to put together for a D-I-Y’er and the instructions are very clear
  • A 5 year warranty on the electronics and ten years on the frame and surface gives peace of mind.
  • There is a 30-day return window with a full refund available if you are not happy with your VertDesk v3.

The VertDesk v3 Cons

  • It is a little pricey until you consider that the VertDesk v3 benefits your health plus your productivity.

The Verdict

The VertDesk v3 is very solidly built and it does what it is supposed to do in style – it gets you out of your seat while allowing you to continue writing or working without interruption.

The VertDesk v3 represents a solid value in our opinion at just under $520 as reviewed, and it deserves BTR’s Highly Recommended Award for a well-thought out and well designed electronic adjustable standing/sitting desk as one of the best possible replacements for any static desk that one may own.  It is significantly better than many inexpensive standing desks from China, yet it offers most of the quality and features of desks costing twice or three times as much.

Stay tuned to BTR.  Next up we are benchmarking in preparation for our i7-8700K which has just arrived.  In the meantime, don’t forget to check out BTR’s community forum.  Our tech discussions are among the best to be found anywhere!

Happy Gaming – and don’t forget to stand up regularly!

The VertDesk v3





  • The VertDesk v3 is solidly built
  • It uses European electronics and is built in the U.S.A.
  • It is very stable and does not rock
  • Good choice of options
  • 5 year warranty on electronics & 10 years on the frame


  • The desk and options are a little pricey