Unboxing the TITAN Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition – Jedi Order 

The TITAN Xp arrives in a sturdy box which can survive any normal shipping.

The TITAN Xp is made with premium materials and components, including a faceted die-cast aluminum body, and a thermal solution designed to run cool and quiet. Like the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition board, a dual-FETs power supply is used to improve power efficiency, along with a low impedance power delivery network and custom voltage regulators.

Unlike the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070 which use a single 8-pin PCIe connector, the TITAN Xp uses 8-pin plus 6-pin connectors. 

The TITAN Xp has been designed and built by NVIDIA and it was made with premium materials and components including a faceted die cast aluminum body that definitely has a very solid feel to it.  The TITAN Xp is built around a radial fan which features two copper heat pipes embedded in the base of an aluminum heatsink, and it moves all heated air outside the chassis. 

Here is what you get with either edition of the Star WarsTITAN Xp – the Empire Edition is delivered in black – and each edition also includes a collectible electroformed metal badge containing the insignia of their preferred alliance besides a DP to DVI adapter and a quick-start guide.

Here is the TITAN Xp featuring its sturdy backplate.The Star Wars TITAN Xp is a remarkably good looking video card from any angle. The connections are the same for all 3 Pascal cards – 3 DisplayPort connectors and a HDMI connector. 

Let’s check out the test configuration.