The Founders Edition of the RTX 2070 Reviewed with 38 Games vs. the EVGA RTX 2070 Black

The Founders Edition (FE) of the RTX 2070 costs $100 more than the $499 entry-level EVGA RTX 2070 Black that we reviewed this morning which earned BTR’s Good Value award for solidly beating the comparably priced GTX 1080 and the $599 premium Red Devil RX Vega 56.  We are going to examine the Founders Edition which is clocked 90 MHz higher than the Black and run the same 38 game benchmarks to see if it is worth its price premium.

Besides comparing the Founders Edition’s performance with the EVGA RTX 2070 Black, we will compare with the RTX 2080 FE, the GTX 1080 FE, the GTX 1070 FE that it replaces, the Red Devil Vega 56, and we will measure how far it has progressed versus the GTX 980 FE.

The built-by-NVIDIA RTX 2070 Founders Edition and the EVGA RTX 2070 Black use identical GPUs with the difference being that the Founders Edition uses a premium all-aluminum build compared with the more plastic entry-level card.The Founders Editions all have in common the same eye-catching new dual-fan industrial design and premium build.

Our first view of the RTXes at Gamescom in Germany last August

The Founders Editions all come in display boxes.From every angle, the Founders Edition of the RTX 1070 looks great.The EVGA entry-level RTX 2070 Black has a raw PCB contrasted with the smooth backplate of the Founders Edition.

The Founders Edition is also a lot more compact than the EVGA RTX 2070 Black, and as an added benefit for enthusiasts who really care about the way their PC looks, the power connector has been placed on the end of the card for a cleaner look for systems with a windowed chassis.

It looks great inside of our EVGA DG-77 case but we did not have time to vertically mount it.  Even the connector panel is black to match most cases, and although the connections are the same as with the RTX 2070 Black, it shows NVIDIA’s extreme attention to detail with their Founders Edition.

Besides their attention to detail and the awesome way it looks, NVIDIA also uses a much beefier 6-phase power supply than the entry-level Black card’s power supply uses for the Founders Edition’s GPU, and a 2-phase power supply for the GDDR6. However, the Founder’s Edition RTX 2070 GPU is cooled with embedded heatpipes instead of the vapor chamber system used on the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti.  This should translate to overall better overclocking and may be comparable to the more premium components used for EVGA’s more expensive RTX 2070s.

As with our earlier testing, all of our competing cards are benched on a clean installation of Windows 10 64-bit Home edition, using  Core i7-8700K with all six cores overclocked to 4.7 GHz by the BIOS, and 16GB of Kingston’s 3333 MHz DDR4.

Before we explore overclocking and then performance testing, let’s take a another look at our test configuration.