The EVGA DG-77 Case Review featuring the Star Wars TITAN Xp

The EVGA DG-77 mid tower case was created for gamers who want all of the advantages of a full tower in a smaller footprint. It also is a show-off case with see-through tempered-glass panels which can transform into a RGP light show at the touch of a button.  It can also be purposed more conservatively as we have done featuring our TITAN Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition as a beacon of Light in a Dark place.

The EVGA has tempered glass on 3 sides and it is also effective in the dark to show off the hardware inside

The DG-77 is EVGA’s new $139.99 flagship case now available for pre-order from Newegg, and we have received a black edition for review at our request from EVGA.  There is also an all-white edition which sells for ten dollars more.  The EVGA DG-77 has all of the features of high-end watercooling-friendly cases, including dust filters, but its most compelling feature for us is its ability to display a video card in a vertically mounted position. The DG-77 is a complete rethinking of modern case design since there is no hard drive cage although there is room to install 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs with lots of extra room for even hard-core watercooling setups.

The EVGA DG-77 has good airflow partly thanks to 4 factory-installed 120mm fans (2 top, 2 front) with options to install extra fans for cooling more extreme hardware. However, after we replaced the front two fans with the EVGA 280mm CLC CPU radiator, it was insufficient by itself to draw enough cooling air in from the front of the PC as the glass panel partially restricts the airflow, but we solved this issue.

We are transplanting our hardware from the full tower on the right to the DG-77 on the left

We have used a full tower Thermaltake Chaser MK-I for the past five years, and although it has largely gone out of style, we like its roominess.   We need to regularly switch hardware in and out for benchmarking, and up until now, only a full tower would do.  However, after we received our TITAN Xp, we wanted a better-looking case and the EVGA DG-77 delivers in spades without compromising one bit on convenience or on roominess.

The aim of EVGA is to give their customers value and functionality with a handsome and especially roomy high-end mid-tower that can be easily customized.  The DG-77 has a look that each gamer can define for himself.  We chose a very conservative build.  Others may choose differently as demonstrated by EVGA’s professionally imaged picture below.

The EVGA DG-77 is a mid-tower case with a large, roomy all-matte black interior, and we found it really easy to fit our hands around the hardware that we installed inside.  Until now, we believed that there was much more room in a full tower over a mid-tower, but the DG-77 case has changed our mind.

The EVGA DG-77 case is an extraordinarily handsome case but a picture does it little justice compared to “in person” and our own images will simply attempt to capture the excitement and experience that we had when building a new PC with this well thought-out mid-tower case.  This case is also the most challenging that we have ever attempted to photograph since 3 sides are a dark tempered glass that reflect like mirrors.

As befits a high-end case, the fans are protected by filters that act to prevent dust build up.  In addition, the cable routing and management are excellent as this build turned out not only to be relatively quick and easy, but one of the cleanest builds that this editor has attempted.  Gamers are given full control over RGB lighting using EVGA’s DG tuner, and enthusiasts can overclock at the touch of a case button using the K-Boost feature.

There is a 3 year warranty on the DG-77 as noted by the specifications and the features from EVGA’s website:

Here is a Youtube video introducing the case from EVGA;

There are three other cases in the DG lineup.  Here are the details from EVGA’s website.

It looks like a very good case line-up from EVGA.  Let’s unbox the DG-77 and then build our system.