TEAMGROUP Releases the Latest Gaming RGB Memory Module T-FORCE XCALIBUR

Our friends at Team Group have released a new RGB memory module and here is their press release:

June 14, 2018, Taipei_ Ever since from the release moment, TEAMGROUP T-FORCE gaming memory module series has been creating global gaming trends and won multiple major international design awards. Today, the long expected latest RGB memory module – T-FORCE XCALIBUR is released. The king’s sword will dominate the industry by the outstanding unique design and extremely high-speed experience. Along with the gorgeous special edition and the simple general version with two ultra-high frequency DDR4 3600MHz and DDR4 4000MHz, T-FORCE XCALIBUR will fully satisfy global gamers who love building their own PC, meanwhile, it will also show the solid strength and the charm of T-FORCE product series in leading the global gaming market.

The unstoppable T-FORCE gaming product series has gained global consumers’ interest in gaming ever since its release. In 2018, once again, T-FORCE releases the all new luminous memory module – T-FORCE XCALIBUR. TEAMGROUP design team continues the design concept of the ultra-wide-angle force flow effect, using the full color and dazzling RGB LED lighting with the full range, 120° ultra-wide angle luminous area at the top that emits colorful bright light. Moreover, they add unique totem element on the light guide for special edition with innovative ideas. The initial letters of T-FORCE, TF are designed as hilts of the king’s sword on the heat spreader to bring an extraordinary visual experience to the gamers. The two ultra-high frequencies, DDR4 3600MHz and DDR4 4000MHz support the total capacity of 16GB(2x8GB) . With selected Samsung IC chips and strict testing standard, it offers excellent quality, optimal performance, stability and compatibility. It allows gamer to win every battle as if he/she is holding the king’s sword in the gaming world, and also setting a new benchmark for RGB luminous memory modules.

As powerful and dazzling as a king’s sword, the T-FORCE XCALIBUR has a full color synchronized changeable lighting effect. The lighting can be controlled and synchronized through TEAMGROUP’s exclusively developed T-FORCE BLITZ(Beta version)(Note 1) or ASUS Aura Sync(Note 2). After synchronization, there are up to 8 types of built in lighting effects available. In addition, RGB memory module’s lighting effects and partial system’s synchronized lighting effects can be controlled through GIGABYTE’s RGB Fusion(Note 3) / MSI’s Mystic Light Sync(Note 4) / ASRock’s Polychrome Sync(Note 5) software. Moreover, users can change the setting manually according to personal preferences for displaying an eye catching visual effect with personal style. T-FORCE XCALIBUR supports Intel XMP2.0 technology, therefore there’s no need to adjust the BIOS separately. One click overclocking technology offers gamers the high-speed sensation and the winning pleasure of invincibility.

Frequency  / Capacity General Edition Special Edition
DDR4 3600  8G X2 $235 $239
DDR4 4000  8G X2 $295 $299

This product is available for sale worldwide on July 1.

Happy Gaming!