TEAMGROUP Launches MP33 PRO PCIe SSD and CX Series 2.5” SSD

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New Strategy for Expanding Storage Capacity with Comprehensive Upgrade

Our friends at Team Group have just launched the CX Series and MP33 PRO PCIe SSD. BTR’s flagship PC uses MP33 NVMe2 PCIe SSDs – we purchased an additional 1TB MP33 SSD for benchmarking after reviewing it. Here is Team Group’s press release:

August 27, 2020, Taipei_ To meet users’ different upgrade capacity requirements, TEAMGROUP today launched the highly compatible M.2 2280 specification, PCIe Gen3x4 interface MP33 PRO M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive, and CX1 and CX2 Series 2.5” Solid State Drives with advanced SLC caching technology. Both solid state drives provide a full range of storage capacities, offering stable performance and a new option for expanding storage capacity.

MP33 PRO M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive adopts PCIe Gen3x4 high-speed interface and highly compatible M.2 2280 specification. The maximum read/write speed can reach 2,100/1,700MB/s, and the random read/write capacity of 4K IOPS 220,000 can greatly increase the efficiency of data processing. A large capacity of up to 2TB is released for professional users, which can meet the needs of creators and gamers who need large amounts of storage space for their material. And the built-in smart algorithm management mechanism can ensure operation efficiency, speed and data storage stability.

The CX Series 2.5” Solid State Drives are your first choice when it comes to installing entry-level PC. It has advanced SLC Caching technology and a read/write speed of 540/490 MB/s, which is four times faster than traditional hard drives. The CS Series Solid State Drives are available in capacities ranging from 240GB to 1TB. The shock-resistant and drop-proof features can increase the service life. The previously released EX Series Solid State Drives are available as advanced options. In order to provide consumers with multiple and complete product lines to choose from, TEAMGROUP has established the TEAMGROUP family product lines to provide a wide range of solutions for different upgraded equipment from entry-level to advanced level to meet all needs at once.

512GB 1TB 2TB 240GB 480GB 960GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
$59.99 $103.99 $239.99 $29.99 $48.99 $87.99 $31.99 $50.99 $89.99

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