SSD technology is still improving and again it seems that pricing on 500 GB drives are dropping.  SSD technology has become much more accessible to the regular consumer again and it appears that gamers need more capacity than the 120 GB to 250 GB drives offer as games are getting very large. 

If a gamer wants to keep his currently played games on a SSD, it appears that 480 GB is becoming the new minimum size, and for $99 when on sale, the Team Group LTE 480 GB SSD delivers in spades.  It easily exceeds its specifications and can hang with some of the faster SSDs of the last generation, and with the SSDs of the current generation for gamers.  There is generally little loading time difference between SSDs, and they are all much faster than either HDDs or SSHDs.

It is not mandatory to have a SSD if you use your PC only for gaming. Games do not perform better on a SSD as developers target the HDD for optimizing game performance.  But there is the matter of waiting.  Some games take significantly longer to load from a HDD or SSHD than they do from a SSD.   If a gamer wants to get right back into the game, then a SSD will definitely improve immersion and decrease frustration as it did for us with Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a Poster Child for using a SSD over a HDD

It is a matter of valuing ones time compared to the $100 one can spend on a medium-capacity SSD.   And the 480 GB Team Group SSD is a good performing SATA III SSD for $128 which is its regular price.


  • The SSD is of a magnitude faster than the mechanical hard drive in almost every way. 
  • Team Group’s 480 GB SSD is good bang for buck at $100-$128 for a 480 GB SATA III drive 
  • TRIM support and garbage collection keeps your drive “like new”. The Team Group LITE drives also offer advanced wear-leveling technology.
  • 3-year warranty stand it out from the generic “SSD crowd”.  
  • The SSD is extremely light compared to our other 4 SSDs, and it would be great as a HDD replacement in a notebook


  • Color.  Some may not like the shiny bronze.  But it is hidden inside your PC anyway.

This has been quite an enjoyable exploration comparing our other four drives with the Team Group 480 GB SSD.  The performance of this drive is very good as a stand-alone SATA SSD, and if you can find it for $100 on sale, it is highly recommended for gamers! 

The Verdict: Good Value

We are giving the Team Group L5 LITE 3D SSD our BTR “Good Value” Award as it is light, compact, and performs well, while being functional and easy to install and use! Diminished loading times are a big plus for gamers, and most SSDs load games similarly fast compared with HDDs.  At $128, it is at a competitive price, and when it goes on sale for $99, it’s a must buy in our opinion.  We purchased two of them and they save significant time loading games for our benchmarking.

Next up, Final Fantasy XV releases for Windows on Tuesday and we plan to bring you a full game review as well as a performance and IQ evaluation using 20 video cards.  It’s preloaded and we have played through Chapter 1.   And please don’t forget to check our growing community.  BTR’s Community forum discussions are among the best to be found anywhere! 

Happy Gaming!