Nvidia’s Oculus Touch Launch Week Giveaway

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touchTo celebrate the arrival of the Oculus Touch, Nvidia will be giving away prizes all month including game codes, GeForce GTX graphics cards, Oculus Rift Headset and Touch controller bundles, and even a custom PC. And Nvidia has just released a Game Ready Driver for the new Oculus Touch and all of its launch titles. Nvidia has committed themselves to new drivers for all major new releases, including Virtual Reality (VR) games on Day One.

No. 1: Oculus Touch Launch Week Giveaway

Beginning December 6th through December 9th, Nvidia will be giving away one GeForce GTX 1080 each day, along with game codes for Oculus Touch titles. A custom PC, complete with an Oculus Rift and Touch controllers will be awarded on December 9th to the lucky grand prize winner.

In order to enter the giveaway, leave a comment on any Oculus Touch post on Nvidia’s GeForce Facebook or Twitter channels (12/6-12/9/16), and make sure to include the hashtag #VRReady, and tag @NVIDIAGeForce and @Oculus in the comment. Winners will be chosen at random.

Terms and conditions for the Oculus Touch Launch Week Giveaway are here.

Giveaway No. 2: GeForce Experience Giveaway

Nvidia is also giving away 10 Oculus Rift bundles including the headset, Oculus Touch controllers, and a GTX 1070. To automatically enter for a chance to win these prizes, simply download and login to the new GeForce Experience by December 30th. Winners will also be chosen at random.


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