NVIDIA Teases New DLSS and Ansel RTX from Gamescom

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NVIDIA Teases New DLSS and Ansel RTX from Gamescom

This editor arrived in Germany from Hawaii far too late on Tuesday for Jensen’s public presentation of the new Turing RTX architecture at Gamescom. Fortunately, further information was shared today on the upcoming GeForce RTX cards regarding Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS) and also on the GeForce Experience featuring Ansel RTX. These two important developments will likely affect GeForce gamers soon in a very positive way.

From the demos, I was able to formulate some initial impressions of DLSS as being nothing short of incredible, and ultimately game-changing, but will save the technical discussion for a later post. DLSS may be described as: Tensor Core-powered, GeForce RTX GPUs using DLSS technology that applies deep learning and AI to rendering which results in smoother edges that become surprisingly crisp on in-game objects.

Performance is king, and NVIDIA claims that the new Turing DLSS-equipped RTX 1080 is two times faster than the Pascal GTX 1080, or about 1.5 times faster with DLSS off. At 1.5X performance it may mean that the latest GPU-intensive games, including Final Fantasy XV, will run at 4K/60+FPS on Turing that cannot be achieved on any single Pascal card.

For Ansel fans there is good news, as NVIDIA has announced 22 new games that will support the new Ansel RTX SDK and Highlights, including Battlefield V, which will allow gamers to use ray traced screenshots for more flexibility and with much higher fidelity than now when composing custom screenshots. And there is even a new GeForce Experience AI Up-Res that allows a gamer to use AI to beautifully upscale a 1920×1080 screenshot to 8K!

Perhaps the best news is that Ansel will also support over 200 games, many of which don’t use the Ansel SDK, but will still benefit from Super Resolution up to 8K. New custom filters have been added, and even a new letterbox feature for all of the Ansel-supported games.

We also viewed many other very impressive demos that featured ray tracing and RTX, and we also spent time checking out the new RTX Founders Edition design.

Custom PCs were also on display and some of them featured SLI using the new NVLink bridges.

We are very glad that we got to experience these demos at Gamescom courtesy of NVIDIA, but we have to return home tomorrow morning back to LAX, and then back to the work that we are really looking forward to. After much travel, there is no place like home.

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Auf wiedersehen … and Happy Gaming!