MyndVR launches MyndVR 2.0 with HTC VIVE Focus

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MyndVR launches MyndVR 2.0 with HTC VIVE Focus as Flagship Partner

Our friends at Vive just announced a new partnership with MyndVR and launched MyndVR 2.0, an advanced, medical-grade enterprise solution. This updated software works with Vive’s Focus, a standalone headset, to provide an easy-to-use and all-in-one immersive experience for seniors and care partners. Here is their press release:

MyndVR launches its latest upgrade in conjunction with HTC VIVE’s VR accelerator, VIVE X, to combine care and compassion with game-changing virtual reality technology to help seniors

MyndVR, the nation’s leading provider of virtual reality solutions for senior care communities, announced today the launch of MyndVR 2.0, the most advanced, medical-grade enterprise solution, in partnership with HTC VIVE’s VR accelerator, VIVE X. The updated software works seamlessly with HTC Vive’s Focus, a standalone headset, to provide an easy-to-use, all-in-one immersive experience for seniors and care partners.

Evolving with top leaders in the industry, MyndVR joined the VIVE X accelerator in January to provide a turn-key approach to virtual reality with easy implementation for senior care communities. MyndVR 2.0 leverages its groundbreaking relationship with HTC Vive to provide the most integrated and highest quality experience for its users.

MyndVR brings happiness and wellness to seniors by providing immersive virtual reality experiences revolving around meaningful content with a purpose. It provides seniors with access to the largest content library through a strategic partnership with Littlestar. MyndVR brings the most powerful, immersive media to the aging population with a blend of healthcare and virtual reality that spans music, art, nature and reminiscence therapies.

“MyndVR 2.0 is the most advanced healthcare solution with regards to virtual reality and senior care,” said Chris Brickler, co-founder and CEO of MyndVR. “The ease-of-use with HTC Vive’s Focus enhances the user-experience and helps provide a world of immersive content for seniors who are no longer able to physically travel. We are lifting the spirits of our elders and taking them far from the four walls of their care communities.”

MyndVR takes a “love, care, and compassion” approach to their work, which is why they have created a strong research coalition to understand the positive dynamics of VR and cognitive health. Their research has proven that virtual reality improves the quality of life and engagement for seniors, and they continue to create content and experiences that empower seniors to learn, grow and indulge their curiosity.

MyndVR 2.0 comes with senior-friendly, MyndVR-branded Vive Focus headsets and a tablet so care partners can control the experience. MyndVR also offers both onsite and remote training and support.

“At Vive we believe in VR’s potential to reshape humanity for the better using emerging technology and we’re excited to work with MyndVR to bring virtual reality content to improve the lives of senior populations,” said Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO, HTC. “Through these positive and life-like experiences, with the help of Vive Focus, virtual reality is improving the quality of life for these individuals and we’re proud to be a part of this life-changing initiative.”

MyndVR 2.0 is currently deployed in more than 20 states, Canada, and is available worldwide.