• The looks are extraordinary for a headset. The HyperX look and the contrasting colors give these headset an ultra-modern look without looking aggressive.
  • Good sound for their size and price.
  • Confort.  The HyperX Cloud is extraordinarily comfortable for a closed pair of phones
  • Quiet.  You can block out everything wearing your Cloud headset!


  • The headset does not travel well as it doesn’t fold flat – they are not comfortable to walk around with hanging on your neck.
  • Ultimately, a better driver needs to be used for improved audio.  Positioning is weak with the original Cloud that may be helped by the Cloud II USB 7.1 box

If you want to listen to music using a very good-looking and well-built headset, either of the HyperX Cloud gaming headsets are a good choice. The Cloud originally retailed for $150 and are now priced at $70 since the HyperX Cloud II arrived.  The Cloud sounds as good as – and are likely better than – any other similarly-priced gaming headset with the additional value of looking and feeling great! They are recommended as a very good-sounding value on and are ideal for gamers looking for a comfortable headset that seals out the world.  They are our go-to headset of choice for gaming and for music.


Stay tuned for a driver test featuring the Witcher 3 which has been updated with patch 1.05

Happy Gaming!


  1. I’m wondering if the USB card is good enough to handle the headset. What is better? Cloud I + Xonar D1 or Cloud II with USB card is good enough? I’ve heard that Cloud II has better mic and i like that it’s possible to change its volume with controls on the cable.

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