GTX 1070 Specs Revealed!

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Yesterday, BTR reviewed the performance of the GTX 1080 with 26 games at 3 resolutions and concluded it is the fastest single-GPU video card in the world – by a big margin. “It totally blows away its competitor, the Fury X, the TITAN X, and even the GTX 980Ti!”.

Finally, Nvidia has released the specs for their second Pascal video card, the more affordable GTX 1070, which will be released next month on June 10th. The Founder’s Edition of the GTX 1070 is a beautiful card that will retail for $449, and partner cards will begin at $379.


The GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 share the same 7.2 billion transistor GPU, but the GTX 1080 uses the fastest GDDR memory available which is GDDR5X at 10Gbps. However, the GTX 1070 will use the slower GDDR5 at 8Gbps, with a lower CUDA core count, correspondingly less TMUs, and slower core clock speeds. The TDP of the GTX 1080 is 180W, and the GTX 1070 will be 150W with a recommended PSU of 500W. It will replace the current GTX 970 much as the GTX 1080 replaces the GTX 980. Both Founder Edition video cards use a single 8-pin PCIe connector.

Here are the primary specifications for the GTX 1070:

  • 1,920 CUDA cores
  • Base Clock/Boost Clock: 1506MHz/1683 MHz
  • Standard Memory configuration Interface/Bandwidth: 8GB DDR5/256GB per second

And also from Nvidia’s site, Technology Support and Display support:


At the GTX 1080 launch and press day in Austin, Texas we were promised that the GTX 1080 would be significantly faster than the TITAN X which proved to be true. And we were also told that the GTX 1070 would be as fast as the TITAN X!

We can’t wait to review the GTX 1070 for BTR’s readers!

Happy Gaming!