GeForce Driver 452.06 Released to Support WoW: Shadowlands Ray Traced Shadows & MS: Flight Simulator

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GeForce Driver 452.06 Released to Support World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Ray Traced Shadows and MS: Flight Simulator

Today’s new GeForce 452.06 driver delivers day-one optimizations and enhancements for Microsoft Flight Simulator and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands which will soon feature the addition of DXR ray-traced shadows to the beta server. This driver also offers the best experience for GeForce gamers for Total War Saga: TROY, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, and many other new games.


World of Warcraft is one of the longest running MMORPGs of all time, and with the addition of ray-traced shadows, World of Warcraft beta players are getting a free image quality upgrade. The growing momentum and support for ray tracing is undeniable, and now ray tracing is being tested in World of Warcraft – one of the longest running MMORPG of all time.

The G-SYNC Compatible program expands the G-SYNC ecosystem and aims to bring consistency and educate consumers on which displays will provide a good entry-level variable refresh rate (VRR) experience.

In addition, this driver brings G-SYNC compatibility to eith newly-validated monitors: the Acer XB273U GX, VG272 LV, XV272 LV, CP5271U V, X34 GS models along with the Asus PG329, IO Data GC252UXm, and Lenovo Y25-25 displays, giving gamers even more choice when searching for a great gaming display.

Under the G-SYNC Compatible program, NVIDIA works with monitor OEMs to validate the experience on monitors that support the AdaptiveSync protocol. Those that pass are designated as “G-SYNC Compatible”. With today’s additions, the list now totals 110. For a full listing of G-SYNC Compatible displays, please click here.

Stay Tuned for an Exclusive 452.06 Driver Performance Analysis!

BTR’s newest reviewer, Rodrigo Gonzales and benchmarker extraordinaire will post a very detailed comparison of the new 452.06 driver compared with 442.59 and 451.85. There will also be a new NVIDIA Studio Driver tomorrow released tomorrow for Creators.

For more information on the new GeForce driver, see NVIDIA’s blog. To download this driver, use GeForce Experience, or start here.

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