GeForce 368.22 WHQL drivers game-ready for Overwatch and the newest games

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Today, GeForce users can get the latest Game Ready 368.22 WHQL drivers. They are optimized for the official Overwatch release, as well as forthcoming updates for War Thunder and World of Tanks. Nvidia delivers launch day drivers for every major game release. After the open beta attracted nearly 10 million players, Blizzard’s Overwatch looks to be an incredibly popular multiplayer first-person shooter. Overwatch launches tomorrow, and GeForce users are Game Ready now.overwatch-2

Total War’s WARHAMMER also launches tomorrow and we have pre-loaded the game. You can expect us to add this game to BTR’s benching suite as well as to publish a performance evaluation of GeForce 368.22 WHQL driver shortly. Of course, we have already downloaded this new driver and are already updating our GTX 970 results for you.

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