Benchmarks & Performance Analysis

Here are our results of thirty-two games and 2 synthetics compared between GeForce 350.12 WHQL drivers, and GeForce 352.86 WHQL drivers using both GTXes. Each set of WHQL drivers is compared against the other in adjoining results column and the higher performance number is in bold. If there is a tie, both results are given in bold type.

Please note that we are no longer testing at 2560×1600 and those results are given for the last time for the older driver 350.12.  The results at 2560×1600 are noted with an asterisk (*), and the results with driver 352.86 at 2560×1440 are noted by a double asterisk (**), and they should not be compared directly to each other.


We note mostly minor improvements with Nvidia’s new GeForce 350.12 over the older drivers and there are only a few standouts in only a few games.  Evolve seems to be one of the games that saw good improvement with the latest WHQL, and of course, it is the driver set for the Witcher.


witcher3 2015-05-19 08-50-03-64So far, we would recommend upgrading to the latest GeForce 352.86 driver because there are generally incremental advantages, and no large performance-impacting negatives that we encountered. It is also the driver to use for the latest really fun games that we are playing including the Witcher 3.  It appears that Nvidia intends to release a WHQL driver with each new major PC release and we are looking forward to evaluating the next one.

Stay tuned, next up we are benching for a new card that will be more important and more in-depth than usual.  In the meantime, join BTR’s Community for great tech discussions and also feel free to comment on this Performance Analysis in the comments section below.

Happy gaming!