Benchmarks & Performance Analysis

Here are our results of thirty-two games and 2 synthetics compared between GeForce 347.09 WHQL and GeForce 347.52 WHQL drivers using the GTX 980 and between 347.25 and 347.52 using the GTX 970. Each set of WHQL drivers is compared against the other in the two results column and the higher performance number is in bold. If there is a tie, both results are given in bold type.

MainWe note some solid performance improvements with Nvidia’s new GeForce 347.52 over both of the older drivers in a few games with Battlefield 4 being an unmentioned standout for the GTX 980 and the GTX 970.

Nvidia projected improvements for GRID: Autosport, Dragon’s Age: Inquisition, Alien Isolation, Metro Last Light, BioShock Infinite, Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity.  Generally we see these improvements although we may be using a newer version of Metro Last Light (Redux) which only gets mixed results.  And Far Cry 4 received a patch enabling dynamic fur and trees that appear to move by themselves independently of wind, so we cannot compare over different driver versions.  Of course, we are using a quad-core Core i7-4790K instead of Nvidia’s 5930K which will give different results due to differences in core number and speeds for some games.

Generally, however, the new WHQL drivers have logged more gains than losses.  Recommended.


So far, we would recommend upgrading to the latest GeForce 347.52 driver because there are some advantages, and no large performance-impacting negatives that we encountered. It is also the driver to use for the latest really fun games that we are playing.FarCry4 2014-11-20 15-07-42-67

Stay tuned, next up we are benching for a CrossFire versus SLI Showdown featuring overclocking without limits!

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Happy gaming!