E-Win Flash Series Gaming Chair Review

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E-Win Flash Series Gaming Chair Review

One of my biggest issues has been finding a chair that remains comfortable for long sessions of gaming and throughout my work day. I work from home and spend almost 10 hours a day in an office chair so to say comfort and reliability is a must is an understatement. After having been burned by other chairs, we were skeptical when E-Win Racing reached out to us and offered a gaming chair that promised to be ultra-comfortable and better than any office chair that we have tried.

E-Win Racing has been around since 2016 and they focus mostly on gaming desks, gaming chairs, and other accessories. E-Win offered to let us review their chair to prove this skeptic wrong, so today we are going to be looking at the E-Win Flash Series gaming chair in black with blue trim. First let’s take a close look at the chair.

Assembly is rather straightforward and simple and it took about 20 minutes to assemble. Although, we would recommend having two people install the chair to the base as it is rather large, and it might be hard to align the two, but I was able to do it on my own.

Our only issue putting together the Flash Series chair was with its arm rests and some awkward angles that are needed to attach the chair to them. As a bonus, E-win even includes some gloves to help you install the chair as seen below in a picture from the included brochure:


The E-Win Flash Series has a polyurethane surface that serves as a faux leather, a memory foam body wrapped around a steel frame, a 120mm Class 4 gas lift that supports up to 150kg/330lbs, and an aluminum 5-star base. They also include a lumbar support pillow and a headrest pillow as well.

Nearly everything on the chair is adjustable, and as a person with some minor back issues, the added supporting pillows are a nice touch. The pillows have not deformed over the month we have used them and they have retained their shapes well. They can be fully removed if you do not like the way they feel.

The armrests are “4D” and can be moved back and forward, from left to right, in or out, or up and down. Our only complaint about the arm rests is they should have some cushioning that befits a premium chair. While they are comfortable, padding would have just made them that much better.

One of my favorite features of the chair is its tilting ability – it can recline pretty far back as seen above – and it is a really nice feature to have. The chair has even become a favorite resting place for my dog when it is not in use:

Dog approved!


Nothing else matters if the steel frame makes a chair uncomfortable even with memory foam cushions. In our experience, other chairs have become very uncomfortable after some extended use. In contrast, E-Win’s chair oozes a premium feel and we thoroughly enjoy it. As mentioned before, I work from home and such long sessions in my office chair can lead to aches and pains, especially with the low-quality budget chairs I used before in the $100 dollar price range.

I have purposely extended our review time frame to thoroughly test the chair through a full month’s cycle of my typical 50-60 hour week. My initial impressions were very positive as the chair tends to mold to your body and feels somewhat like a bucket seat found in many expensive sports cars. I am a bigger person, and the sides near my hips were the only problem area. There is enough cushion to keep it feeling good, but I would only recommend this to a thinner person. Even at around 170lbs, a friend who tried the chair mentioned that it felt slightly tight around the hips.

E-Win offers an XL model, and if there is any doubts as to its measurements, we would recommend picking up a larger model for anyone who is concerned with the fit.

After a month or so of use, the Flash series chair has retained its shape and feel. I asked my friends and family to try it out, and it received outstandingly positive feedback. The sticking point for many, however, is the headrest pillow. We felt it either needed to be removed or to be made a little larger to support those who do not lean fully into their chairs. It works well enough but it could be improved.

Overall the only things I would suggest for improvement are to pad the arm rests and to make the head-rest pillow larger. Other than these minor suggestions, the chair is of high quality and it serves me well throughout my work week.


We never accept any product for review that offers us to pay us to be positive. E-Win sent us this chair with this understanding. However, they have also allowed us to give BTR’s readers a 15% discount using the code “BTR” to lower its cost. When a chair is poorly designed, it can ruin your entire day. Having to sit in an uncomfortable chair for 10+ hours a day previously has made me feel extremely tired and worn out so there is no way I can recommend a chair to anyone that is not high-quality.

E-Win’s Flash series racing chair should have been the XL model for my bigger body but even so the chair is the most comfortable chair I have ever had, and it truly feels premium. This premium feeling does come with a high price tag, currently at $399. That pricing is the biggest sticking point for us but as a hardcore gamer, reviewer, and as a remote worker for a large company, comfort is everything and it is well worth it.

I have been through various office chairs purchased at Walmart, Staples, Office Depot and online. They have all been around the $100-200 price range and even higher. But from now on, I will only consider high-quality chairs. Fortunately, E-win offers chairs at competitive prices compared to other premium chairs like DXRacer. BTR gives E-Win’s Flash series racing chair our Editors Choice Award for its comfort, quality construction, and durability.

We expect to receive a desk and another chair from E-Win in the near future so look out for our reviews on those also soon!