A quality mouse pad makes a significant improvement in gaming for any user over the throwaway cheap cloth mats. We noticed that using our new DRACONEM aluminum mouse pad made a significant difference to this editor’s ability to score higher and to place the mouse exactly where it needed to go in gaming.  This was an unexpected surprise, but it is clear that an expensive mouse deserves a precise surface that requires little effort to move on the gamer’s part, yet it lends itself to smooth accurate gameplay and perfect tracking.  And depending on a gamer’s style, bigger is always better.

system-2Best of all, the DRACONEM is durable.  It will outlast generations of cloth pads.  And being able to keep your fingers on the right keys on the mouse in the most intense firefights and to be able to move the mouse to exactly where you want to, incredibly smoothly, often means the difference between life and death in a game.

The Tt eSports DRACONEM aluminum mouse pad is an excellent value for a really big and really smooth yet durable gaming surface. It is ideal for a gamer who wants a choice of surfaces, and the mouse cord bungee is a real plus and an extra value to the gamer who wants his cord out of the way.


  • The DRACONEM is BIG, solid and heavy aluminum.  14.2 x 11.8 x 0.2 inches
  • It is a handsome and good-looking mouse pad that will compliment any gamer’s PC.
  • Two different surfaces with two different dragon designs will appeal almost universally to any gamer.
  • The rubber feet keep the keyboard from moving even during heavy gaming, although the pad is completely stable without them.
  • Mouse cable management is good and the bungee can be separated from its base for putting it in a pocket.
  • This is as good a mouse pad for a competitive gamer as it is for casual use.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The rubber feet don’t stay on and they become irritating.  The solution is to glue them on or toss them out.  It would  have been better to use a single rubber sleeve that completely covers the exposed aluminum, as it is pretty cold anyway.
  • The smooth side surface can be scratched a bit too easily.
  • Gamers may be getting tired of product names in ALL CAPS.  Draconem in Latin, or dragon, is a great name otherwise!

We give the Tt eSports DRACONEM aluminum mouse pad our highest recommendation and the ABT and BTR Editor’s Choice Award. It is a superior well-built and above average solid BIG gaming mouse pad at a reasonable $40 price where it competes with other high-end mouse pads that are even more expensive.

The DRACONEM has become our favorite full-sized mouse pad and we will be using it for years to come. Recommended!

Next up is an evaluation of the Kingston 250GB mSATA drive which should be published next week.  We are also having a blast gaming with our SHIELD tablet – our first tablet besides the SHIELD portable – and we will have a report for you.  The Kingston FURY Cloud gaming headset is on the way to ABT headquarters for evaluation, and we will have a new Kingston sponsored contest next month to celebrate ABT’s October 1st anniversary.  ABT was founded in 2008 and many more good things are on the way!

Of course, the discussion is always going on at BTR forum and you are invited to join.

Happy Gaming!