Unboxing & Closer Look

We see the outside of the box which describes the DRACONEM as, “Tough enough for the hardest of battles”.  It probably can be held to make a literal tough shield against some projectiles.  On the box we see advertised, two surfaces, easy installation, and a mouse bungee.  No, the mouse is not included!Box-2

The other side of the box is written in 15 languages showing the international scope of Thermaltake’s eSports products. Box-1

The large 360x300mm size is emphasized along with the mouse bungee and rubber stoppers.  The bungee has a cord grove to hold the mouse cord securely and the two kinds of surfaces are compared.

Let’s get the contents out of the box.  There is a insert, the bungee which comes in two parts, and 6 rubber feet, two extra, because you are likely to lose one or two before you glue them on or toss them out.bungie-corners

The DRACONEM is a handsome mouse pad with the dragon symbol in white on the smoother side, and in red on the coarser side.mouse-1

The rubber feet are fine if you never – ever – move the pad.  If you do, they tend to fall off and it is quite irritating.  One solution is to glue on the feet.  The other is to remove them completely as either surface will not scratch your table.  However, beware, without the feet, if there is some debris on your table, you may scratch your mouse pad!

No matter which you choose – rubber feet on or off – the pad remains locked down firmly to your table and it doesn’t move as with some other pads.  The DRACONEM is comfortable for gaming for hours on end.  Serious Sam 3, Jewel of the Nile and Battlefield 4 are twitch shooters that benefited from using this mouse pad with the Razer Mamba mouse.  Movement and aiming are much more precise than with cheap mats.

We would much have preferred to have a single continuous rubber bumper to act as feet to surround the entire pad.  It would also eliminate any chance of scratching yourself on the aluminum edges (although the edges are filed down and are quite dull for that same reason) and to eliminate the chill one’s wrist feels when brushing up against bare aluminum.mouse-2

The DRACONEM alumium used for the mouse pad is quite thick, 5mm, and the plastic coating adds a bit more thickness and cushioning to either side.edge

The bungie is great.  For those of us who prefer a wired mouse, the cord is kept out of the way.mouse-wbungie

The eSports DRACONEM is a very nice-looking mouse pad with an aggressive dragon design and two surfaces in two different colors.

DRACONEM Aluminum Mouse Pad Features – MP-DCM-BLKHSS-01

  • Thick Aluminum heavy-weight durable base
  • Two surfaces for both major styles of gamers
  • Mouse bungee and cord interlock
  • Rubber feet
  • Large size

All of this and the following information can be found on the DRACONEM product page.

Checking the product features

Let’s look at the DRACONEM (bottom) compared to other mouse pads.  The top pad is an ASUS leather pad that came with a top graphics card, years ago.  It would be decent except that it is regularly-sized small for gaming, and the edges never would completely uncurl.  The cloth pad is a large promotional pad from last year’s E3 Nvidia press event.  It tracked beautifully for a few months until the cloth started to separate from the rubber substrate and then the usable size of the pad diminished significantly.Mpads-comp

The Ratzpad suffers from being too coarse and too hard of a plastic surface, although after many months of wear, it itself smooths and wears down a bit.  Unfortunately, during this long break-in period, you may completely destroy many teflon feet.  The rougher red side of the DRACONEM mouse pad is equivalent to a smoother and somewhat broken-in Ratzpadz, and we did not notice significant wear on our mouse.

The surface with the white dragon and lettering is incredibly smooth. The grain is super fine with a very special feel to it surface. It maintains extremely low friction and fine control while gliding the mouse. From the pictures above and below, the surface grain is really fine with a perfect finish when new.  And the aluminum edges are filed down so that you don’t scratch your wrist as you slide it back and forth.

fine-scratchesThe DRACONEM surface is pretty durable and will last a gamer for years. However, after intense use in a hostile desert gaming environment, dragging dust across the smoother white surface of the DRACONEM will scratch it.

We did not notice any difference playing with the micro scratches compared to when it was brand new, other than we got used to our pad and were now scoring higher in twitch shooters.  We definitely noticed the better control that we now had with our premium Razer Mamba mouse that we did not get with lesser pads.

Is the DRACONEM Alumium mouse pad worth $40?  Let’s head for our conclusion.