The Conclusion

This very short evaluation proved to be interesting to us as there is almost no difference in performance between the Skylake platform and the Devil’s Canyon platform using 26 games with the RX 480.  We will explore this further in the next week or two with more video cards including with the GTX 1080 and with the Fury X.DSCN1450

Stay tuned, there is a lot coming from us at BTR. Next up, we will evaluate a brand new card that you do not want to miss!  And we have added Total War’s Warhammer to our benching suite as BTR’s DX12 Game Number 4, as the massive new DX12 patch and built-in benchmark just became available last week.

In the meantime, please don’t forget to check BTR forums.  Our tech discussions are among the best to be found anywhere!

Happy Gaming!

Mark Poppin

BTR Editor-in-Chief