The Conclusion

GeForce_GTX_1080_3qtr_Front_Left_1463236721This very short two-part evaluation proved to be interesting to us as there is almost no difference in gaming performance between the Skylake platform and the Devil’s Canyon platform.  We would not recommend upgrading from i7-4790K to i7-6700K with each CPU at 4.4GHz with either a RX 480 or with a GTX 1080 for gaming.  There may be other upgrade considerations to be made, including a cooler-running Skylake CPU and a lower power draw, but evidently not for gaming performance.

From our testing of Dual versus Single Channel memory, we would highly recommend running in Dual Channel mode for PC gaming on the Intel platform.

Next up, we will evaluate the soon-to-be-released GTX 1060 Founders Edition on July 19th at 6 AM Pacific Time.  We are rebenching the RX 480 on its latest drivers and will add GTX 980 and other competing cards into our comparison on our Skylake platform.  And we have added Total War’s Warhammer to our benching suite as BTR’s fourth DX12 game, and it will replace Attila after the next evaluation.

In the meantime, please don’t forget to check BTR forums.  Our tech discussions are among the best to be found anywhere.  We are also currently holding a contest open to all community members and giving away a AAA PC game of the winner’s choice!

Happy Gaming!

Mark Poppin

BTR Editor-in-Chief



    • Because at this point, neither CPUs are being stressed enough to show the generational difference. Throw in another gtx 1080 and there might be a case to make…maybe. Most games are GPU bound anyway so comparing high end consumer CPUs in a field where they’re not the limiting factor will yield little benefit. Hope this helps.

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