Performance Summary Charts

Performance summary charts & graphs

Here are our results of 26 games and 1 synthetic test.  All results except for Firestrike are expressed in average fps (in Bold) and also generally in minimum fps (where they make sense, in smaller italics next to the averages).  Each platform is compared against the other in the adjoining results column in white (Skylake) versus black (Devil’s Canyon).  Please open each chart in a separate tab or window for better viewing.


The performance differences between our two platforms are very minimal.  There are only minor variations, and if there is a trend, perhaps Skylake has slightly better minimums.  The only game that shows Skylake significantly behind Devil’s Canyon, Rise of the Tomb Raider, received a major patch between our testing which may have changed its performance, so it should be considered as an outlier; perhaps also together with Ashes of the Singularity which is patched very often.  Star Wars: Battlefront also shows a large frame rate difference but at only 2560×1440, so it is probably a typo carried over from our Devil’s Canyon benching.

Single Channel (8GB DDR4) vs Dual Channel (16GB DDR4) on Skylake

After our original evaluation of the RX 480, an 8GB memory module of Kingston DDR4 3333MHz failed, so while waiting for replacement memory, we tested the remaining single memory module at 3200MHz to compare its performance with our replacement 16GB of Dual Channel memory (G.Skill at 3200MHz) to see how performance was impacted.

16GB of Dual Channel DDR4 3200MHz results are reported in the first column (in White) and 8GB results of 8GB DDR4 3200MHz Single Channel results are reported in the second column (in Black).  Here are the results of our testing:


Running 8GB of RAM has rarely been a disadvantage compared with running 16GB for gaming, however, we would highly recommend running in Dual Channel mode instead of in Single Channel mode, as there does appear to be a large performance disadvantage with some games – some more than others – especially at lower resolutions.  However, in an emergency, or while waiting for an upgrade, most games remain quite playable in Single Channel mode.  We were able to play DOOM very satisfactorily during the time our Skylake PC was out of regular benchmarking commission.

Skylake vs. Devil’s Canyon with the RX 480

These are the same benches that we published in our original evaluation earlier this month.


Let’s head for our conclusion.



    • Because at this point, neither CPUs are being stressed enough to show the generational difference. Throw in another gtx 1080 and there might be a case to make…maybe. Most games are GPU bound anyway so comparing high end consumer CPUs in a field where they’re not the limiting factor will yield little benefit. Hope this helps.

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