The Software

The ROG Armoury software allows for customization of either mouse.  By clicking on Device, we were able to customize the mice and were able to even sync them and their color patterns.  Both mice have similar options although some are specific to each mouse.

The buttons can be individually customized and even the joystick can be mapped.

All of the performance options can be changed to suit the style of each gamer.

Scenario profiles and macros can be individually customized to suit each gamer’s style and preference.

Apps may be individually linked to games.

Source: ASUS

There is also an option to map either mouse as a gamepad for Steam games.

Color and lighting offer a high degree of customization and personalization and the logo, mouse wheel, and the front lighting (for the wireless Chakram) can be individually addressed.

Updating the Chakram firmware takes just a click, and it is easy to check for updates.

The Armoury software is robust and full-featured, and there is an almost unlimited amount of options for personalization and customization that will suit most gamers.  The lighting software is excellent, and if you have other ASUS hardware, it is easy to sync your Chakram to your other devices using AURA Sync.

Let’s head for our game playing experiences and the conclusion.



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