Benchmarks & Performance Analysis

Here are our results of thirty-three games and 2 synthetics compared between the older WHQL Omega drivers, and Catalyst 15.4.1 beta drivers using the R9 290X. Each set of drivers are compared against the other in the two results column and the higher performance number is in bold. If there is a tie, both results are given in bold type.  The third column represents the GTX 980 performance using the latest WHQL GeForce Driver compared with the R9 290X.Untitled-1

We note some a few performance improvements with AMD’s new Catalyst 15.4 Beta over the older Omega drivers in only a few games for the 290X.


WolfOldBlood_x64 2015-05-06 10-32-19-14So far, we would recommend upgrading to the latest Catalyst Beta driver because there are generally incremental advantages, and no large performance-impacting negatives that we have encountered. It is also the driver to use for the latest really fun games that we are playing including GTA V, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and ProjectCARS.

Stay tuned, next up we are benching for a TITAN X versus CrossFire versus SLI Showdown. We are also writing our long-delayed HyperX Cloud gaming headset review right now for publication before this weekend.

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