RTX 4070 SUPER Review: A $599 Powerhouse

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RTX 4070 SUPER Review: A $599 Powerhouse

1440p benchmarks

1440p BenchmarksRTX 3070RTX 3080RTX 4060 8GBRTX 4060 Ti 8GBXFX RX 7700 XT QICK 319AMD RADEON RX 7800 XTRTX 4070RTX 4071 TiRTX 4070 SuperRTX 4080
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Ultra)115157105109.5137.8158.9159197186219.6
Forza Horizon 5941136469.2105.3131.8125153141 166.8
Forza Horizon 5 + DLSS 2 Quality991167595.6N/AN/A128152146 180.5
Forza Horizon 5 + DLSS 3 Quality0091109.2N/AN/A161165.6136 169.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Ultra496352.567.879.290.4628480.5128.35
Cyberpunk 2077 + DLSS 2 Quality688972.478.6N/AN/A81103102.2143.15
Cyberpunk 2077 + DLSS 3 Quality + RTN/AN/A87.590.5N/AN/A117146130.2171.65
Chernoblyte Ultra + RT + DLSS5611849.754.5N/AN/A121132126.2141.3
Chernoblyte Ultra + RT336234.543.437.841.6617669.879.2
Resident Evil 4 Ultra779774.260.44139.8164.8101131105.3147.3
Resident Evil 4 Ultra + RT739270.858.3N/AN/A9411694.8125.9
RDR2 – Ultra718358.673.890.4108.987103112.6151.4
RDR2 – Ultra + DLSS839984.287.9N/AN/A102138119.3166.6
Doom E. Ultra N., RT OFF + DLSS Off205247153158251.6281.5266321301.2358.1
Total War: Warhammer 386.2120.470.675.6119.7177.2110.2137.4129.8143.6

1080p benchmarks

1080pRTX 3070RTX 3080RTX 4060 8GBRTX 4060 Ti 8GBXFX RX 7700 XT QICK 319AMD RADEON RX 7800 XTRTX 4070RTX 4071 TiRTX 4070 SuperRTX 4080
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Ultra)160205142178198219238289292314
Hitman 3209243196245314357308347340384
Cyberpunk 2077 Ultra49125.489.895.4114.6129.2118.6153.6142.6172.1 (47.5)
Resident Evil 4 Ultra77115.685.390.3116.2141.9123.2153.2143.3181
Doom E. Ultra N., RT OFF + DLSS Off205247153286.6330.2366343.3417.8405.6471.0 (309.7)

Power and Memory:
Despite the performance improvements, the card still comes with 12GB of memory, which might be limiting for future gaming requirements, especially when compared to AMD’s offerings at lower price points. This will be the biggest point of content for the entire 70 class of the 40 series. DLSS 3, AI, and other features being locked to the 40 series do provide a significant draw. Speaking of, the power draw has increased slightly to 220 watts, up from 200 watts in the RTX 4070, but still only requires a 650-watt power supply.

The Nvidia RTX 4070 Super is a strong contender in the 1440p gaming market, offering substantial improvements over its predecessor and rival AMD cards at the same price point. While it excels in 1440p performance, it is also a viable option for 4K gaming with some settings adjustments.
Owners of the 4070 should keep their cards and we only recommend 30 class series upgrades if you really want the latest and greatest and play games that can take advantage of DLSS 3. There is not such a large raw performance upgrade that we can 100% say every user should upgrade but the AI capabilities and 40-class series of upgrades from Nvidia could sway you to upgrade. This is about a 20% mid-cycle refresh on average, this is a worthwhile refresh only if you need a mid-range card upgrade and want all the new amazing features.

Nvidia is making changes to its current lineup:
The 4070 is staying
The 4070 Ti and RTX 4080 are outgoing and being replaced by their SUPER variants

There are better raw performance options in the current stack of cards being offered by both AMD and Nvidia. The RTX 4070 SUPER’s balance of efficiency and performance, alongside the improvements over the RTX 4070 and previous generations, positions it as a strong contender, despite stiff competition from AMD. We do not have further cards to test but you can see the 7800XT is slower or faster depending on the title and they trade blows often.

The main drawback of the RTX 4070 SUPER is the 12GB VRAM, which may not meet future gaming demands. Overall, the RTX 4070 Super is a compelling upgrade, particularly for those using older GTX 10-series or RTX 20-series cards.