HYPER Unveils Cutting-Edge Qi2 Chargers, PowerBanks, and Next Level Connectivity at CES 2024

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HYPER, a subsidiary of Targus, is showcasing its latest tech innovations at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The company is known for its advanced tech accessories aimed at creative professionals. At the event, HYPER will introduce 37 new products, including Qi2 wireless chargers, GaN technology-based travel chargers, and high-speed connectivity solutions.

Key product launches include:

  1. Qi2 Chargers:
  2. Power Banks:
    • HyperJuice 10,000mAh Qi2 Power Bank: MagSafe-compatible, also an Apple Watch charger with a 20W USB-C port, priced at $129.99, available in Q2 2024.
    • HyperJuice 5,000mAh Capsule Power Bank with Cables: Compact design with integrated USB-C cables, priced at $49.99, available in Q3 2024.
    • HyperJuice Compact 20,000mAh USB-C PD Power Bank: High-capacity, portable, with 18W charging support, priced at $79.99, launching in Q3 2024.

  1. Multi-Port Wall Chargers:
  2. Connectivity Solutions: