VR Cover for the Oculus Rift – a Worthy Faceplate Cover Replacement?

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VR Cover’s Basic Replacement Set for the Oculus Rift Review

This is the Oculus Rift VR Cover Basic Cover review. BTR purchased an Oculus Rift in December 2016 and we have been enjoying VR games and applications ever since. However, we noticed that the foam cover that insulates the user’s face from the hard plastic shell was becoming badly worn and we needed a replacement, so we turned to VR Cover.com which is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Oculus Store sells replacement covers that they sell for $29 under “Accessories” as the Oculus Rift Fit Facial Interface. However, we were looking for something better since using a foam facial interface means sharing with friends which may be out of the question, or else someone will definitely get the ‘ick’ factor when a sweaty Rift is handed to them with no proper way to clean it.

There are also replacement covers on Amazon that start at about $26 but they are cloth and must be washed to be cleaned. Pleather (faux leather) replacement covers have the advantage of being able to be easily cleaned with a non-alcoholic antibacterial wipe and then handed off to a friend, but they are $49.

Many Rift owners on the r/oculus sub-Reddit have recommended VR Cover as their go-to store for replacement facial interfaces. VR Cover specializes in HMD covers and offers several options for the Rift that start at $19.99 for a cloth cover to $49.99 for the deluxe replacement set. They even offer paper inserts for hygienically demoing HMDs at trade shows.

Although VR Cover is occasionally sold on Amazon, it was out of stock as usual. So we picked and ordered VR Cover’s “Basic Set” for $29 plus $7.00 standard shipping to the USA, and it took almost 3 weeks to arrive from Thailand to Southern California. This Basic Set is the facial interface that is being evaluated here, and this is what comes in the box.

  • 1 x plastic Facial Interface which is an exact replacement for the Rift plae
  • 1 x Pleather (plastic faux leather) foam replacement insert
  • 1 x Oculus Rift VR cloth cover which goes over the pleather


Our VR Cover basic set comes from a long distance and had to travel through Germany to reach the USA. The plastic envelope is durable and the box arrived undamaged.

The presentation is practical and decent. The contents are well-protected.

Removing the top cardboard protectors, we see that we got VR Cover’s Regular Version.

Turning the box over, we see the advantages of using an aftermarket cover that can be easily cleaned.

Opening the box, you are greeted by the contents which include instructions for replacing the Rift faceplate and for installing your two interface choices of either pleather or cloth – or to use both.

Here is what comes with VR Cover’s Basic set: the pleather faceplate, a cloth cover that can be fitted over the pleather, and there also is a handy large microfiber cloth for cleaning lenses.

The original foam on the Rift faceplate deteriorated very quickly once wear became apparent, and it became uncomfortable as we awaited the VR Cover. Both of the interfaces are interchangeable inside the Rift HMD.

To install the VR Cover, remove the Rift’s hard plastic facial interface by pushing it up and away from the HMD. Then take the VR Cover facial interface and insert it back into the Oculus Rift if you are just going to use the pleather interface against your face.



The pleather faceplate fits properly and can now be worn and then then passed to a friend after a quick cleansing wipe.

Cloth Option

If the user prefers, a washable cloth cover may be secured to the pleather covered interface with the rubber bands which are attached to it before inserting it into the Rift.

Here are the instructions for adding the washable cloth cover.

Here it is the Rift with the cloth cover attached to the insert and replaced into it.

We really don’t care for the cloth cover too much although it blocks a little more extraneous light around the nose. We see that there are certainly uses for it, especially if you prefer the feeling of cloth over plastic. The cloth cover is comfortable, but we prefer the feel of the pleather instead for regular VR sessions.

The pleather interface has tiny air holes so it “breathes”, and it feels decent even after a hard exercise session. And if the cloth cover gets sweaty, it can easily be washed by hand or in a machine on the gentle cycle.

For us, the cloth cover is just an “extra”. We find the pleather interface to be more comfortable for even long sessions with Skyrim or Fallout 4. The ability to be able to share the Oculus Rift with friends and neighbors without feeling bad about hygiene, is priceless. The original Rift’s foam interface simply cannot be cleaned properly for sharing.


We like VR Cover’s basic set for $29 plus $7 shipping which is just about the same price as the replacement foam covered insert from the Oculus Store. The VR Cover’s basic interface is more comfortable than the Rift’s original interface, and although it doesn’t really absorb perspiration, perspiration is easily wiped off during a session.

Best of all, the pleather interface is breathable so it doesn’t feel badly against the skin like many plastics do, and it is easily wiped down with a non-alcohol containing cleanser. Being able to share the Rift hygienically is one of VR Cover’s best features, and a friend is more likely to share your HMD and enjoy a VR session using a clean facial interface.

Recommended 9/10

Happy VR Gaming!