Wallet Drive Conclusion (and Xpander recap)

This has been quite an enjoyable exploration comparing Kingston’s HyperX 3K SSD performance in the VisionTek Wallet Drive USB 3.0 enclosure to an identical drive using the VisionTek DriveXpander enclosure.  The performance of the HyperX drive is excellent using the VisionTek controller although native SATA SSD speeds are better.

It is pretty exciting to now be able to transfer very large files – using up to a 2TB SATA drive – when coupled with a VisionTek Wallet Drive – just as one would use a flash drive.  And as prices become more competitive on high capacity SSDs, we expect that this way of transferring files may become popular as using the Wallet Drive is just simple plug and play and extremely convenient.

For its $19.99 price, the VisionTek Drive Wallet USB 3.0 enclosure is a great time-saver in transferring large files over USB 3.0 and it is especially worth it if you already have a SATA drive you are going to repurpose.


  • The new VisionTek Wallet Drive allows for re-tasking an existing 2.5″ HDD or Solid State Drive
  • The Wallet Drive is perfect for adding a new SSD to create a high-performance ultra-portable external drive. VisionTek’s Wallet Drive mini-enclosure also allows the user to use a 2.5″ HDD or SATA drive anywhere as a flash drive for portable storage up to the currently available maximum 2TB capacity, over a bus-powered USB 3.0 connection.
  • The Wallet Drive protects the SSD or HDD by placing it inside of a solid enclosure.
  • The warranty is a solid 3 years, backed by VisionTek’s excellent service.


  • The SSD has no cooling and may get a little warm inside the Drive Wallet.
  • The USB 3.0 cable is a little short, and retractable would be great.

The Verdict for the Wallet Drive

  • Recommended

The DriveXpander has received BTR’s Editor’s Choice Award.

We are giving the VisionTek Wallet Drive USB 3.0 enclosure our BTR “Recommended” Award as it is well-designed, compact, solid and durable, while being perfectly functional and easy to use!  It is also a very effortless and easy way to transfer large files between PCs very quickly while at the same time, it protects the precious drive.

Next up from BTR, a HyperX Cloud Gaming headset review.  We are also working on our GTA V performance/IQ evaluation which due this weekend.