The PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700 takes on the RTX 2060/SUPER


 The PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700 takes on the RTX 2060 & RTX 2060 SUPER in 44 Games

The Red Devil RX 5700 arrived yesterday at BTR for evaluation priced at $389.  We have been benching it versus the $349 RTX 2060 Founders Edition (FE) and the $399 RTX 2060 SUPER FE video cards using 44 games and 3 synthetic benchmarks.

We will also compare the performance of these three competing cards with the RX 5700 XT Anniversary Edition (AE), the RTX 2070 SUPER FE, the liquid-cooled Vega 64 and the Red Devil RX Vega 56.  Ten other cards’ recent performance results are also included to complete BTR’s Big Picture.

The Red Devil RX 5700 is factory clocked +25MHz higher than the reference version.  According to its specifications, the Red Devil RX 5700 boost can clock up to 1750MHz while the reference card clocks up to 1725MHz.  It also looks different from the classic Red Devils, arriving in a more neutral gray color instead of in all red and black.  For the first time, the Red Devil RX 5700 features a RGB mode which is supported in AMD’s drivers. Its LEDs default to a bright red which may be customized by the included DevilZone software.

The Red Devil RX 5700 Features & Specifications

Here are the Red Devil RX 5700 features according to PowerColor:


  • The card has 2 modes, Overclock and Silent which have a 180W and 160W power target respectively. These modes are activated by a a BIOS switch on the side of the card.  It is designed to be very quiet.  The overclock mode is considerably quieter than the reference RX 5700’s blower, but the silent mode is whisper quiet.
  • The board has 10 Phase VS; the 7 Phase VRM design on the reference design is over spec’d in order to deliver excellent stability and overclocking headroom.  The difference is the 300W of the Red Devil versus the 220W of the reference design.
  • DrMos and high-polymer Caps
  • The cooler features 2 x 100mm ball bearing fans with 5 heat pipes across a high density heatsink with a copper base.  The PCB is shorter than the cooler – 240mm for the PCB and 300mm for the cooler.  Besides having more dissipation area, because the PCB is shorter than the cooler, its efficiency is improved since the hot air isn’t trapped as easily.
  • The Red Devil RX 5700 now has RGB lighting!  Full RGB support is targeted by the next Adrenalin Software driver release.
  • The Red Devil RX 5700 cooler shroud is now more neutral and it’s easier for buyers to customize their gaming color scheme with RGB lighting.  And the ports are LED illuminated.
  • All Red Devil RX 5700 are bundled with the AMD promotional Xbox Game pass for 3 months.
  •  A Devil Club invitation is included to give access to PowerColor news, competitions, downloads, and instant support via live chat.


Here are PowerColor’s Red Devil RX 5700 specifications.

The Test Bed 

BTR’s test bed consists of 44 games and 3 synthetic benchmarks at 1920×1080 and at 2560×1440.  Our newest game is Wolfenstein: Youngblood which we just validated for benching yesterday.  The testing platform is a recent install of Windows 10 64-bit Home Edition, and we are using an i7-8700K which turbos all 6 cores to 4.8GHz, an EVGA Z370 FTW motherboard, and 16GB of T-FORCE XTREEM DDR4 3866MHz. The games, settings, and hardware are identical except for the cards being compared.

First, let’s take a closer look at the new PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700.

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