T-FORCE Launches VULCANα DDR5 Gaming Memory for the Next Generation AMD AM5 Platform

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T-FORCE Launches VULCAN? DDR5 Gaming Memory for the Next Generation AMD AM5 Platform

Our friends at TeamGroup have just launched VULCAN? DDR5 Gaming Memory for the upcoming AMD AM5 Platform and here is their press release:

September 15, 2022, Taipei_ World gaming brand T-FORCE by TEAMGROUP, a global leader in the memory industry, launches VULCAN? DDR5 gaming memory designed for AMD Ryzen 7000 processors and X670E/X670 motherboards today. VULCAN? DDR5 gaming memory supports the latest AMD EXPO technology, allowing the memory to achieve enhanced performance with excellent compatibility. With one simple click, users can experience stunningly fast and stable overclocking. The incredible overclocking performance and platform compatibility perfectly unleash the potential performance of the next generation AMD AM5 platform.

The heatsink of T-FORCE VULCAN? DDR5 gaming memory is made of aluminum alloy through one-piece stamping process, with a durable snap structure designed at the top. The most important feature is that the memory is dedicated to AMD platform with carefully selected high-quality ICs, which have been tested for compatibility and stability, as well as possessing excellent overclocking and perfect compatibility. T-FORCE VULCAN? DDR5 gaming memory is also equipped with a power management IC (PMIC) for more efficient energy allocation, stable power supply to the memory, reduced noise interference, in addition to improved signal transmission quality and stability. Available in 5,600MHz and 6,000MHz frequencies, VULCAN? DDR5 is the ultimate gaming memory for AMD’s next generation platforms.

T-FORCE VULCAN? DDR5 gaming memory supports on-die ECC with IC error detecting and correcting features to enhance the correctness of data transmission while providing stable and reliable overclocking performance. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty and free replacement service for damage not caused by human factors. By going through a simple process, customers can enjoy considerate services.

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