More NVIDIA DLSS Games Arrive in May, Including Support for VR Titles with GeForce 466.47

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More NVIDIA DLSS Arrive Games in May, Including Support for VR Titles & GeForce Gamers are Ready for ‘Days Gone’ with GeForce 466.47

GeForce RTX gamers can now boost performance using NVIDIA DLSS in 50 games, with more promised that are launching every month including for VR. NVIDIA has also released Game Ready Driver 466.47 for Days Gone.

This month, nine games have either launched with DLSS or have been added via patches. DLSS has been upgraded in the following games:

  • AMID EVIL: This amazingly well done retro shooter adds ray-traced effects and DLSS, which increases performance by 2.7X at 4K with ray tracing enabled according to NVIDIA.
  • Aron’s Adventure is an action-adventure RPG which recently added DLSS with a performance leap by up to 60% according to NVIDIA.
  • Everspace 2: Early Access space RPG-shooter will be updated today with support for DLSS, increasing performance by up to 80%.
  • Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition: 4A Games’ Metro Exodus update launched earlier this month with DLSS, increasing frame rates by up to 2X.
  • No Man’s Sky: An upcoming update adds NVIDIA DLSS for desktop and VR which they claim boosts performance in desktop mode by up to 70% at 4K, substantially improving the smoothness and responsiveness.
  • Redout: Space Assault adds NVIDIA and ray-traced effects today in a new update.
  • Scavengers: is a F2P shooter that launched earlier this month with NVIDIA DLSS, boosting performance by up to 40%.
  • Wrench is a mechanic sim which adds ray tracing and DLSS improving performance.

DLSS in VR Titles for the First Time!

DLSS has been applied to VR titles for the first time. The first three VR titles that support NVIDIA DLSS are:

  • Into The Radius added DLSS in the VR S.T.A.L.K.E.R. clone in April. We noted an improvement to anti-aliasing which improves visuals and performance when we benchmarked the Index and the G2.
  • No Man’s Sky: According to NVIDIA, DLSS doubles VR performance at the Ultra graphics preset and maintains 90 FPS on an Oculus Quest 2 with a GeForce RTX 3080. We will test this in our next VR review
  • Wrench: Ray-tracing and DLSS comes to VR in today’s update. DLSS boosts performance by up to 80% according to NVIDIA, making it possible to enable ray-traced effects for both its desktop and VR.

GeForce 466.47 Game Ready Driver was released for Days Gone and also adds other features including:

  • Day one support that delivers the best GeForce gaming experience for Knockout City.
  • The addition of GeForce Experience optimal settings for six new games:
    • Hood: Outlaws & Legends
    • Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition
    • Ranch Simulator
    • Resident Evil Village
    • Total War: Rome Remastered
    • Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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