Privacy Policy

BabelTech Reviews Privacy Policy

BabelTechReviews (BTR) is committed to the protection of the personal information of our visitors. We do not require any personal information to enjoy the content on our site. Comments may be made on any of BTR’s posts or articles freely.  However, only BTR Community Forum members may post in our forums after registering.   We ask for the minimum information that is required to keep BTR functioning.

Personal Information

We define Personal information as the following:
“Any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. Any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another may be considered personal information which even includes personal names.”

We never collect personal information on BTR that is not provided voluntarily. Any personal information we collect from you is treated as confidential, and will not shared with any third party except as potentially required by law.

Although some personal information is required to post on BTR’s Community forum requiring a membership, this information is stored in an encrypted database and is used only for verification purposes – We must be certain that our members are human and and not ‘bots or spammers.

Your IP address may be automatically logged but this is only used to determine if a potential violation of our Terms and Conditions of Use or Forum Rules have occurred or not. BTR’s only regular advertiser uses Google Analytics in conjunction with Google Adsense, which does includes marketing information, demographics, and interests reports.

To Opt-out of Adsense targeted ads, you may follow Google’s Guide, and even opt-out of Google’s Analytics tracking here.

Information BTR Will Not Request
BTR’s staff will never ask you for your forum password, and you should never give it to anyone. We will never ask for financial information or for social security numbers.  This is a guarantee.

Our Promise
Under no circumstances will BabelTechReviews sell or provide your personal information to any third party, with the exception of complying with legitimate law enforcement agencies as required by law.

Advertisers generally use browser “cookies” to track your browsing, however no personal information is collected by ours.   Our advertisers track what ads you click on and what ads you’ve already seen multiple times, in order to best target their marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content, and Intrusive Ads
BTR has no affiliate marketing at this time.  We keep our ads to the absolute minimum and do not accept sponsored content.  There are no pop-ups here nor any other intrusive ads that you have to interact with to close.

Users who are on one of our mailing lists which announce our new posts may opt-out at any time.  Each email provides a way to unsubscribe easily.

Mark Poppin

BabelTechReviews Editor-in-Chief