Performance Results & Conclusion

Performance & Conclusion

NVIDIA has their own optimization suggestions which may be quite helpful, or a player can just use the GeForce Experience included with the latest recommended 382.05 GeForce drivers.  The GeForce Experience will, at the touch of a button, set near-ideal custom settings for any GeForce powered PC and for more than 100 other games.

For the best AMD experience, use the latest drivers – Crimson Software ReLive 17.5.1 is optimized for Prey.


There is no built-in benchmark but we found and created one from a minute-long Fraps run that is 100% repeatable and reasonably representative of Prey gameplay’s most demanding indoor scenes. 

Here are our performance results using 17 video cards at 3 resolutions using the default Very High settings.  Average framerates are given in bold and the minimums are shown in italics in slightly smaller font next to the averages.  Please open this chart in another window or tab for better viewing.

 A GTX 1080 Ti can max out Prey at the default Very High settings at 3840×1080 if you don’t mind framerate dips into the upper 40s.   A GTX 1080 at the same settings and resolution can generally stay in the upper to mid-50 FPS range with the same minimums, while a GTX 1060 needs to be at 2560×1440 to stay in the 60s FPS for averages.  A Fury X  does not appear to be limited by its 4GB of vRAM as it is faster than a 8GB RX 480 at RX 580 clocks.   An RX 580 will give a decent experience at 2560×1440 on Very High while a RX 570 and a 290X are best suited for 1920×1080.  Even a GTX 1050 Ti or a 280X can play well at Very High at 1920×1080.

Prey is a moderately demanding and a good-looking game that scales very well. Let’s head for our conclusion.


Prey is a really fun game right from the beginning although it starts to get a bit repetitive as it get harder near the end.  If you are a completionist, you will likely put will over 30 hours into the game.  If you just stick to the main storyline, you may play for 20-25 hours if you don’t get lost. 

If we have to give it a score, Prey deserves an “8.0” in our opinion as an excellent game in the mold of System Shock 2 and BioShock.  However, it is rather unforgiving and difficult even on easy.


Prey comes highly recommended especially for fans of System Shock 2 and the BioShock series.  The graphics are very good, the gameplay is tight, and the sci-fi story is excellent as it moves the action along.   We feel it is worth the current asking price for a decent length and overall high-quality single player adventure. 

Prey has become BTR’s latest benchmark. Stay tuned as we have many more reviews and evaluations coming up. Tomorrow we are heading to NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference for Jensen’s keynote.  In the meantime, join our BTR’s community for some excellent discussions.

Happy Gaming!

Prey 2017


Overall Score



  • Great Story!
  • Optimized well for PC
  • Spiritual Successor to System Shock 2


  • Lack of environments & Enemy NPC variety
  • Difficult with hard to find objectives