EVGA’s 19th Anniversary Event Features More than $80,000 in Prizes

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EVGA’s 19th Anniversary Event Features More than $80,000 in Prizes to be won in five fun events

We love a contest, and the EVGA 19th Anniversary Event is offering more than $80,000 in prizes to celebrate their 19th anniversary. Happy Anniversary EVGA, and it’s also chances for enthusiasts to win prizes in 5 fun events. Here is EVGA’s press release:

July 16th, 2018 – It’s EVGA’s 19th Anniversary and this time we are going far out! We know our community is awesome and here’s your chance to show us how radical you can be. We have 5 events this year that really push it to the limit to win some totally excellent prizes from EVGA and our Sponsors!

The Events:

Scavenger Hunt – Do you think you have what it takes to find 10 hidden badges on our website? The hunt is on, and the prizes are totally outrageous!

Social Media Event – Follow, like, subscribe, view and refer your friends. The more you like and follow, the more chances to win! RAD!

Gaming Event – Your mission should you choose to accept it; gather your allys and join in glorious combat! Join in the EVGA 19th Anniversary Retro Wave Gaming event on the EVGA servers. The more you play, the greater the rewards!

Nvidia Ansel Event – Nvidia Ansel is the best way to take far out in-game photography. We want to see your most righteous NVIDIA Ansel screenshots!

YouTube Commercial Event – Lights, Camera, Action! Create a 30 seconds (or less) commercial featuring EVGA for a chance to win some great prizes from EVGA and our Anniversary Sponsors!

With tons of excellent sponsors and prizes to be won, you won’t want to miss out! Don’t hesitate, come celebrate with EVGA! Learn more about the 19th Anniversary Event and enter here.

Happy Gaming and good luck!