Thursday, June 30, 2022
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i9-10850K vs. i7-6700K in Destiny 2: Is the cost of upgrading worth it?

The 10900K has been hard to find in stock and the price is quite high. As a gamer looking for a significant upgrade to rid my system of any bottlenecks we...

Why Gamers Should Care about GTC 2022

A Gamer's View of GTC 2022 featuring Jensen's Keynote with Implications for GeForce Gaming & VR NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conferences (GTC, held virtually this year March 20-24) were always this editor’s favorite...

Setting up a Solar-powered Home Office

Setting up a Solar-powered Home Office - An Essential Business Survival Tool Those of us who work from home take care to insure that everything we need is readily available and reliable...