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Is ABT for sale?
(01-14-2015, 12:48 AM)SickBeast Wrote: Dave is having a really hard time over there. He says that ABT is consuming 40gb of hard drive space on the host.

No wonder that I haven't heard anything from him in awhile

So what is the issue?  HostHator can't do the backup unless Dave dumps half of the data or pays a kings ransom to them?

I am feeling better .. finally my blood pressure is stable and Devil's Canyon platform analysis is going up tonight as soon as I proof it and add a little commentary (the less said by me, the better - it speaks for itself).

Of course, my feeling better is temporary.  The dentist is Thursday.  First time for me in years.

Blood work is next week ...


What is going on at ABT? Last I heard was that Dave moved to a new host and had backed up the CP and the files and was restoring it. Now I don't even get a redirect and it appears as though it never existed
Just imagine how long it will take Dave to upload over 20gb to the new host. I'm sure he's working on it. He is also changing the forum software.

Actually I just checked and it's working on the new host. :)

LOL :)
(01-21-2015, 01:06 AM)gstanford Wrote: What does the PiP tacked on the end mean?

and this site uses MyBB for its forum just in case you weren't aware.

Usually it's WPIMP


I know what we are using.  MyBB is the easiest to care for.  And BTR ...

... wait for it ...

... Had it first
I obviously know that MyBB is the forum SW for BTR Community since I picked it.

If you knew behind the scenes you wouldn't think it is a bit funny.

Dave is ***finally**** switching the ABT forum SW to what I already picked out for us here as being far superior.  
(After we use it here, he sees it is working great, then he switches it.  He should have moved it more than a year ago on Mario's recommendation when it was obvious it wasn't getting any more support for it. It was clearly dragging the site down with it, and I begged for the forum to be split off from the main site for years.)

Of course, when it has to be explained, it just gets tedious.  Personally I think it is taking ridiculously long to get ABT back up and running.  But then I am an impatient SoB and am finally doing it myself instead of waiting for anyone any longer.
(01-21-2015, 04:34 AM)gstanford Wrote: I think Dave's day job keeps him very busy and for a while there he pretty much let ABT coast along trusting that others would keep it running well.

He talked about changing the forum software a couple of weeks back iirc.

Exactly. That is the issue. My situation changed to allow me to become full-time, but Dave's didn't.

I have significantly more time to spend now working on the site and especially on my reviews since I retired. What is critical for me is that the little things get done so that the site stays up 100% of the time. The only time I can 'coast' is when I'm sick - or caught up (which is never).
I emailed Dave today.  He is going to see his accountant soon.  If there is enough money left in the bank after paying ABT's taxes, he will hire someone (from Odesk, my suggestion 6 weeks ago) to finally fix ABT

So that is probably good news.  If there is money left, and there should be by my calculations.

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