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AMD 6800 series thread (big Navi)
@gstanford is right. its all over the web. beside that article that we've known for awhile. AMD new radeon 6800XT is a terrible at mining. worse then the 3080. the 3080 is the new boss.

ethereum mining:
RTX 3080: 86 MH/s
AMD 6800 XT: 59 MH/s

amd garbo at crypto mining this gen and ampere is the new king.
Thank-you for prompting me to do some research. It's worth reading this. Evidently the currency mining has changed so the new HW works better now.


Quote:Sales to miners generated at least $175 million in the third quarter, accounting for much of the outperformance, according to a Thursday note from RBC Capital Markets analysts Mitch Steves. ...

The Ampere graphics processing units, or GPUs, are popular among Ethereum crypto miners, as it is one of the primary currencies to use GPUs for mining. Technical changes to Ethereum that will take effect around Dec. 16 mean that much of the older hardware Ethereum miners currently use won’t work anymore. As a result, Steves wrote, they are buying GPUs and Nvidia’s look pretty good.

According to an estimate Steves made in September, it would take an Ethereum miner 233 days to achieve profitability with an unmodified RTX 3080 card. Steves wrote then that the RTX 3080 nets Ethereum miners about $3 per day. ...
I'll probably be getting a RX 6900 XT - late. In the meantime, here's a compilation of a dozen or so reviews that shows the RX 6900 is 10% slower than the RTX 3090

According to this, AMD has discontinued the reference versions of the 6900 series already. So the pricing they introduced their cards at will be left up to the market to decide

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