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DirectX 12 Ultimate for AMD & Nvidia; Doom Eternal


Quote:"Today, you can get started developing with DirectX 12 Ultimate features with NVIDIA GeForce 20 Series hardware. Driver version 450.56 has support for Mesh Shaders, VRS, DXR 1.0 and Sampler Feedback. DXR 1.1 support is coming very soon – we’ll update this blog with the correct driver version to look for and where to find it soon!"


AMD also made an announcement this morning about it:

Quote:AMD RDNA 2, AMD’s forthcoming graphics architecture that will power the future of PC and console gaming, will support the new DirectX 12 Ultimate API Microsoft announced today.

DirectX 12 Ultimate will drive the next generation of games and will enable a new level of realism with four key features – DirectX Raytracing (DXR), Variable Rate Shading (VRS), Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback – and AMD worked closely with Microsoft to deliver awe-inspiring experiences with RDNA 2-based graphics.

AMD also collaborated with Microsoft on the design of DXR 1.1, an update to DXR that can deliver better efficiency and performance in many raytracing effects.

With DirectX 12 Ultimate, advanced effects such as raytracing are expected to reach more games sooner, and it makes developers’ lives easier by allowing them to create games using the same common graphics API and graphics architecture for both PCs and consoles.

You can learn more about DirectX 12 Ultimate in Microsoft’s blog, and more about AMD RDNA 2 here.

New AMD driver supports Doom Eternal Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.3.1 - released this morning.

New Nvidia driver also - 442.74.

I am not going to buy Doom Eternal now. I am going to wait until it gets ray tracing support. By then, it will be (1) optimized, (2) look fantastic, and (3) be on sale.

I notice that this new Nvidia driver does not mention Alyx - the most important VR game to launch - ever. I would guess that Nvidia will release a new driver for it on Monday when the game releases. Maybe not.

I expect to take a full week off to play HL: Alyx starting Monday with a view to completing the 20+ hour game, afterward I intend to benchmark and review it. I'll try to finish up the 2 reviews I am working on now - an Indie RTX game and the Team Group CK-5 coolant kit for the Cardea SSD. The Kingston review will take longer. I plan to take a lot of pictures and video so I see for myself the differences between the SD cards.
Sounds like a fun week of gaming coming up for you. Please chime in early in the week with your first impressions. I'm pretty curious.

Good luck wrapping up your other stuff by Monday.
(03-19-2020, 10:00 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Sounds like a fun week of gaming coming up for you.  Please chime in early in the week with your first impressions.  I'm pretty curious.

Good luck wrapping up your other stuff by Monday.

I hope so. I definitely will. You will probably get sick of me reporting on the game here.


Thank-you. It's not a heavy load. Just two reviews, and I have completed Bright Memory and am benching it now. I am waiting for a bright sunny day to post pics of the CK-5 cooling liquid since it involves mixing custom colors and I want the shots to be consistent. I am putting off the Kingston SD cards review for at least a week.

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